Northeast Region Office Key Personnel and Contact Information


Key Personnel at the Northeast Region Office


Katherine M. Bayer
Regional Director

Phone: (212) 858-4382

Fax: (301) 527-4818


Vilna Henry
Case Administrator Manager
Phone: (212) 858-4370
Fax: (301) 527-4873

Nicole Haynes
Case Assistant Manager

Phone: (212) 858-4200

Fax: (301) 527-4873


Kelly Unger
Processing/Logistical Manager
Phone: (212) 858-5287
Fax: (301) 527-4873

  • By Phone:
    Main number for the New York office:  (212) 858-4200
    Between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

  • By Fax:
    (646) 625-6050 Requests for Awards
    (301) 527-4873 Arbitration or mediation case-related and other correspondence

  • By Email:
    FINRA Dispute Resolution staff members can be reached by email. Email addresses use the following protocol:


City Information


Check city information for regular updates about transit/traffic information and restrictions.


Mail Delivery Information

Based upon the advice of the U.S. Postal Service and law enforcement authorities, FINRA and its family of companies will no longer open or accept any mail (envelopes or packages) that does not have complete return names and addresses. Please be sure when sending mail to FINRA that your information is fully and appropriately labeled.