Order Trade Match Information Now Available Via The OATS Web Interface

November 2, 1999


As of the September 18, 1999 release of OATS, firms may view online and/or download Execution and Combined Order/Execution Reports that do not match trade reports submitted to ACT.


In order for this match to occur, the following five fields in the Execution and Combined Order/Execution Reports must exactly match the same fields in ACT: Branch/Sequence Number, Firm MP ID, Issue Symbol, Execution Date, and Execution Time. If OATS cannot match on Branch/Sequence Number, it does not attempt to match on the remaining criteria. If OATS does match on Branch/Sequence Number, it will then attempt to match on each of the other criteria.


OATS attempts this match for the OATS Reporting Day when the report is received, and if there is no match, OATS attempts to match again on the next OATS Reporting Day. If after two days OATS cannot find a corresponding trade record with the exact same values in the five fields mentioned above, the OATS report is considered to be "unmatched." Statistics on these unmatched ROEs are summarized in the Order/Trade Match Statistics window on the OATS Web site located at https://oats.nasdr.com. Individual unmatched Execution Reports for a selected OATS Reporting Day may also be viewed or downloaded.


To view this data online and/or download it for a specific OATS Reporting Day, start by selecting a date and then clicking the Unmatched Execution Reports link. From the window that appears you have the option of viewing a summary of all Unmatched Execution Reports, viewing the details of a single ROE, or downloading an ASCII text file of the Unmatched Execution Report text. When you view the details of a single ROE, you will notice that the Branch/Sequence Number, Firm MP ID, Issue Symbol, and Execution Timestamp are highlighted in red. This highlighting serves to show the matching criteria only; it does not specify the reason why the execution report was unmatched. See the Subscriber Manual for detailed procedures on each of these functions.


For further information about your firm's Order Trade Match statistics please contact Business and Technology Support Services at (800) 321-NASD or via e-mail.

Last Updated: 1/11/2010