TRACE Notices

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December 2004

04-90 NASD Issues Interpretive Guidance Regarding Various Trade Reporting and Compliance Engine (TRACE) Rules
Posted on: 12/8/2004

September 2004

04-65 SEC Approves Amendments to TRACE Rules to Disseminate Transaction Information on All TRACE-Eligible Securities, Modify and Supplement Defined Terms, and Enhance Notification Requirements
Posted on: 9/8/2004

July 2004

04-51 SEC Approves Amendments to TRACE Rule 6230 to Reduce the Reporting Period to 30 Minutes on October 1, 2004, and to 15 Minutes on July 1, 2005
Posted on: 7/14/2004

May 2004

04-39 SEC Approves Amendments to Clarify the Term "TRACE-Eligible Security" and to Expand the Scope of an Exemption from TRACE Reporting Requirements;
Effective Date: June 17, 2004
Posted on: 5/19/2004