TRACE Notices

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November 2005

05-77 Transactions in TRACE-Eligible Securities That Occur in Connection with Options, Credit Default Swaps, Other Swaps or Similar Instruments Must Be Reported to TRACE
NTM 05-77 has been superseded by Notice 07-61
Posted on: 11/9/2005

August 2005

05-52 SEC Approves Amendments to TRACE Fee Structure Establishing an Enterprise Fee and Lowering Fee for Receipt of Real-Time TRACE Transaction Data via Web Browser;
Effective Date: October 1, 2005
Posted on: 8/17/2005

May 2005

05-37 NASD Restructures Certain TRACE Fees for Market Data and Amends the Definition of "Non-Professional" in Connection with TRACE Market Data;
Effective Date: June 1, 2005
Posted on: 5/17/2005

April 2005

05-28 NASD Reminds Members that the TRACE Reporting Period Will Be Reduced to 15 Minutes on July 1, 2005, and Rescinds Interpretive Guidance Regarding Rejected TRACE Transaction Reports
Posted on: 4/14/2005

January 2005

05-05 NASD Eliminates the TRACE Bond Transaction Data Service (BTDS) Non-Professional Real-Time Data Display Fee and the BTDS Professional Delayed-Time Data Display Fee Pilot Program
Posted on: 1/25/2005
05-02 Stage Two of the Expansion of Dissemination of TRACE Transaction Data to Begin on February 7, 2005 Instead of February 1, 2005
Posted on: 1/4/2005