Amending Membership Applications

Amending the Form BD

An Applicant may need to amend the initial Form BD (PDF 781 KB ) filing after the initial membership application has been filed but before membership approval. Under Article IV, Section 1 of FINRA's By-Laws, information provided in the membership application and on Form BD must be kept current, and any changes must be updated within 30 days of learning of the facts or circumstances giving rise to the amendment. All Form BD amendments must be filed electronically via Web CRD through the Firm Gateway.

Some of the circumstances that require filing an amended Form BD via Web CRD include changes in the Applicant's name or mailing or principal office addresses, proposed business activities, ownership or management personnel, and the status of criminal, regulatory, civil or other events disclosed in Item 11 of Form BD.


Amending the Form U4

Form U4 (PDF 272 KB ) amendments also are required to be filed electronically via Web CRD through the Firm Gateway. Examples of circumstances that require an amendment to Form U4 include any change to disclosure information reported on behalf of the Applicant's registered personnel, a request for agent registration in a CRD-participating jurisdiction and scheduling or rescheduling qualification examinations. In order to process amendments requesting registration or examination, appropriate fees must be forwarded to CRD. See the instructions to Form U4 for further details on how to amend the form.


Amending the Form NMA

To amend the Form NMA, Applicants directly enter into the Form changes to responses and attachments provided in the application and must resubmit the amended form to FINRA. Upon resubmission, the amended Form NMA will be routed directly to the MAP Group. Applicants should direct any questions regarding amending the Form NMA to the attention of the MAP Group staff assigned to conduct the NMA review.

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