The process for taking an exam or session on the PROCTOR system is user friendly—no previous computer experience on this application is necessary. Before starting your session, an introductory lesson will familiarize you with the PROCTOR system and help you to understand how the system operates. 


Features of the PROCTOR system used for exam delivery include: 


  • Scroll bars that allow you to move the questions up or down at your convenience.
  • A clock display that can be turned on to help you track the amount of time remaining during the session. 
  • A confirmation box that appears each time you answer a question so you can confirm your answer before proceeding to the next question.
  • The ability to answer questions either by using the keyboard to type the letter corresponding to your answer or using the mouse to point and click on your answer. 
  • The ability to mark questions you wish to review later so you can easily go back to them during your session.
  • Keyboard accessibility for most of the commonly used buttons


View how a sample exam question will appear on the PROCTOR system.


FINRA identifies the appropriate sections and the number of questions in each section in the exam specifications. The PROCTOR system then randomly selects the questions for your exam on a section-by-section basis from the appropriate question bank. The system automatically tracks the difficulty level of each question and enforces selection criteria that will assure that each candidate receives an exam of comparable difficulty. Once the system measures and accepts an exam for presentation to you, it sequences the questions. 


You may review any question at any time before the allowed testing time for your exam expires. The introductory lesson demonstrates how to answer questions and flag them if you want to review them later. 


At the end of the allowed testing time or when you voluntarily stop your exam, the system determines your score and displays a grade result on the computer. The grade report will show whether you passed the exam. You will receive a printout of the score results when you sign-out with the test center administrator. FINRA posts the result to Web CRD within two business days. 


Equipment problems do occasionally occur; normally center staff can quickly correct any difficulty you experience while taking a session. If you notice any malfunction with your computer, tell the center administrator immediately. 


If the system malfunction lasts more than 30 minutes, you may choose to end your session. FINRA will re-enroll you and you will have to schedule a new appointment with the center staff. The staff will schedule as timely an appointment as possible. You will not be charged for the new examination enrollment.