2012 FINRA District Committee Election Candidate Profiles – District 3


Small Firm Representative Candidates


Marie Jorajuria
FinOp & Chief Compliance Officer
Equilibrium Capital Services



Over 12 years of experience as a FinOp and Chief Compliance Officer. I've had my own firm for the majority of this time, Compliance Assist, which has assisted numerous small broker/dealer firms through the NMA process, as well as ongoing business operations. I have also worked full-time for firms, prime-broker Merlin Securities and an online broker/dealer, Wealthfront. I am now FinOp and CCO for Equilibrium Capital Services—an Impact Investing Firm. I understand both the financial and compliance ramifications of the new rules and regulations being proposed and would like to be actively involved with FINRA during the next couple of years to be the voice of small firms.

I am and have been a Financial Operations Principal as well as Chief Compliance Officer for over 12 years. I understand both the financial and compliance ramifications of running a broker/dealer and how FINRA's rules, regulations and actions affect broker/dealers—especially small firms. I'd like to be a voice for small firms (actually all firms) by being a district representative. I have served on several smaller committees and panels, but would now like to be more actively involved. I think the next couple of years with all the new laws being passed (JOBS Act, Dodd-Frank) we need the type of small firm experience I have to be represented at FINRA.


Bruce Maranda
Executive Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer
Canaccord Wealth Management (USA) Inc.



My background includes obtaining some professional and academic designations. I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Finance, became a Chartered Accountant by articling with Price Waterhouse and was granted a Fellowship from the Canadian Securities Institute.

I held positions at the national government offices of Taxation and Auditor General before entering the financial services industry. 

I moved on to serve in compliance, investigations and enforcement at a Stock Exchange. I advanced to become the Director of Member Regulation of the national self-regulatory organization, where I directed all regulatory operations, organized the disciplinary process, sat on a number of national committees and resolved significant member issues.

I currently hold Executive responsibilities for the global operations of our firm, through which I gained experience with North American, European and Asian dealer operations, business environments and regulatory dictates.

As someone that has worked in a senior position with both a regulator and in a private firm, I believe that I can bring a valuable and balanced perspective to the Committee discussions, Disciplinary Panels and representation to the industry. My experience in sitting on many Boards will allow me to contribute to the efficient and effective operation of the Committee.

I am running for a seat on the District Committee to contribute my knowledge and experience in achieving the goals of the Committee. I have already served one term during which I attended all meetings, served on disciplinary panels, and contributed to the discussions on the topics of the day.

I believe it is important to support the local offices of FINRA. The industry is spread over various regions, each of which has a different emphasis on the types of business models, product lines, client demographics, etc. FINRA has to offer services on the front lines to understand the industry in a local context.

Self-regulation is an important component of the regulatory framework. It is the industry itself that has the knowledge, experience and information to provide effective regulation. It also has the long term motivation to ensure the industry carries an orientation toward the client, registers only people of integrity and honesty and disciplines and expels people who are not.

There needs to be a strong relationship between FINRA and the registrants it oversees: built on trust, cooperation and respect. Both have a common interest in the health of the industry, satisfaction of the clients and fostering the public interest. FINRA and the industry both benefit from debate on the issues of the day and understanding the pressures on the other.

I can contribute to building on the success in these areas to date.


Howard A. Morin
Conover Securities Corporation



Howard Morin joined Conover Capital Management in 2011. Howard has 17 years of financial services experience and began his career consulting to some of the largest brokerage firms in South Florida. Previously, he managed the institutional trader business at The TradeStation Group and collaborated on development and deployment of many highly sophisticated trading strategies. His success was recognized by Intel Corporation who relocated him to the Pacific Northwest where he was named Managing Director of Global Financial Services. At Intel, Howard was responsible for implementing technology at some of the largest financial institutions in the world. After seven years at Intel he returned to Wall Street, joining Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) as a private financial advisor. Howard was appointed CEO of Conover Securities in October of 2011.

I am running for FINRA District 3 Committe seat to bring a new perspective to the district on the real needs of a small broker dealer and help prepare and deal with the evolution of the regulatory environment coming in the future. I beleive my broad financial services background  and current role as small firm principal gives me plenty of experience to act fairly on disciplinary issues and provide foresight and guidence to FINRA on where our industry is headed.


Gordon A. Price
Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer
Walton Securities, Inc.



I have extensive and diverse experience in the securities industry. During my career I served as Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of an SEC registered and publicly traded NYSE member firm where I was employed for twenty-two years. Subsequently, I was Chief Financial Officer of a bank-owned FINRA member firm where I was employed for over four years. I joined the Walton International Group in 2006 where I spearheaded the establishment of Walton Securities, which became licensed as a FINRA member in 2007. I currently serve as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer for Walton Securities, as well as Chief Financial Officer for its parent, Walton International Group (USA). Additionally, I have been an arbitrator with FINRA Dispute Resolution since 2004.

My experience includes SEC  public company reporting and SRO reporting, including regulatory compliance responsibilities; internal auditing; back-office operations; setting credit risk policies chairing the credit committee, as well as monitoring underwriting syndicates and trading activities. I have experience as a member of the corporate board and as a director of a firm's proprietary mutual funds. My tenure with full-service financial organizations provides me with experience in a wide variety of securities transactions. As a Financial and Operations Principal, I am intimate with SEC net capital and customer protection requirements.

I believe my experience and knowledge of the securities business fits effectively well with the responsibilities of the District Committee. I am familiar with the issues facing the industry and its regulators and I will bring a fair and unbiased perspective in consulting on such issues; not representing my firm's interests but rather promoting solutions that ultimately support the overall well-being of our industry. As a representative member of a small firm, I have large firm experience. The combination of varied experience, tempered over an extensive industry career, provides depth and perspective in my ability to understand issues and apply wisdom in developing objective and effective solutions. I pledge to commit the time and effort necessary to carry out my duties.


Large Firm Representative Candidates


Marc J. Beshany
Managing Director Rocky Mountain Market
Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC



In January 2009, I named Managing Director for the Rocky Mountain Market for Wells Fargo Advisors. In my position, I am responsible for overseeing the growth and expansion of the Colorado and Wyoming market as well as recruitment of experienced financial advisors, financial consultants, and trainees. The Rocky Mountain Market of Colorado and Wyoming includes branch offices in Boulder, Casper, Cherry Creek, Cheyenne, Colorado Springs, Denver, Durango, Estes Park, Evergreen, Fort Collins, Grand Junction, Greeley, Greenwood Village/DTC, Interlocken, Jackson Hole, Lakewood, Longmont, Loveland and Pueblo.

I have served as the Managing Director for Northeast Ohio for three years and prior to that was Senior Vice President and Regional Business Manager for Wachovia Securities in Naperville, IL.

During my career, I have held leadership roles in both the Capital Markets and Private Client Groups for Wells Fargo Advisors. Before entering retail branch management, I was the Director of the Executive Services unit of Prudential's Investment Bank. Prior to that, I was the Director of the Asset Management Company for Prudential with responsibility for all financial advisor directed portfolio management. 

Beshany has also managed branch offices in Minneapolis, MN and Huntsville, AL, as well as complexes in Southern New Jersey and Chicago, IL.  

I have been actively involved in the Rocky Mountain Market community both professionally and personally. I bring great passion to the business of serving the investment needs of the communities for which we live and work. I believe my experience in various roles throughout the financial services industry would be an added asset to the FINRA District Committee. I would be honored to serve in this capacity.


Mary K. Simonson
Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer
SagePoint Financial Inc.



Currently, I am Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer for SagePoint Financial, Inc. I am entering my 30th year in the Financial Services Industry and maintain my Series 7, 24, 53 and 63. Over the years I have held positions in Trading, Operations, Compliance and Sales Management. I have been employed by Shearson Lehman, Smith Barney, Chemical Bank Investments and served as Chief Compliance Officer for WM Financial Services, the brokerage arm of Washington Mutual Bank. I also held the position as Senior Vice President, Senior Compliance Officer Retail Banking and Investments for Washington Mutual Bank. Finally in my current role I also have specific responsibilities over SagePoint Financial's sister broker-dealers, Royal Alliance and FSC Securities Corporation.  

As a member of the District Committee I will provide input and feedback in addressing the compliance challenges that both regulators and broker dealers face today. I have worked in diverse business models such as wire houses, bank broker dealers and independent firms which will allow me to not only represent, but relate the variety of firms within our district. In addition, having access to four broker-dealers, I can readily obtain information and feedback from leaders and representatives from other districts.


I value both the sales point of view, as well as the need for consumer protection. Therefore, when addressing new regulations, I am practical and implement policies that will make sense to the client as well as the advisors. In representing our District, I will collaborate with member firms and FINRA to effectively develop solutions to the issues we are facing today.