2012 FINRA District Committee Election Candidate Profiles – District 6


Small Firm Representative Candidates


Daniel C. Dooley
Maplewood Investment Advisors, Inc.



I co-Founded Maplewood Investment Advisors in 2000 after serving as the CFO/VP of a full clearing firm since 1987. Prior to that I was a CPA in public practice. I have served on the Committee twice, 1997-2000 & 2011-2012. I have also served on the Small Firm Advisory Committee (now SFAB), Advisory Council (district chairs), Small Firms Committee of the SIA and Securities Committee of Texas Society of CPA's. I have served on Hearing Panels and served as an arbitrator for years. I hold the following licenses: CPA, PFS, Series 7,24,53,27,4,55,63,65,78,99, Life/Health/Variable.

I would like to serve on this committee again as I believe the continiuty of an additional term will serve the membership well. I work in sales every day and have extensive experience in compliance and operations. I have the experience to effectively represent a broad spectrum of our membership and the desire to continue to bring up items that need discussion and or change. Standing up before FINRA and representing the membership is an honor that I would like to continue.


Claudio Larrain
Chief Executive Officer
LarrainVial Securities US LLC



Managing Partner at LarrainVial, Member of the Executive Committee, and Chief Executive Officer of LarrainVial Securities US LLC. He has over 20 years experience in the capital markets in Chile. Joined LarrainVial in 1993 as a floor trader at the Santiago Stock Exchange. In 1994 worked at Bear Stearns in the emerging markets equities trading group as a Emerging Markets ADR Trader. Upon returning from the US formed the institutional equities team focusing on the growing Chilean Pension Funds, ADR Arbitrage businesses, and International Sell Side relationships. Today his primary responsibilities are running the global dealing and trading technology groups at LarrainVial, Chile´s leading capital markets player with a 2011 equities market participation of over 20%. Mr. Larrain holds a Business Administration degree and a MBA in Finance and International Business. He is a licensed trader at the Santiago Stock Exchange and holds Series 7 and 24 licenses with FINRA.

With the current globalization of our securities industries and the capital markets in general, international firms are becoming more present and relevant in the United States. As the CEO of one of Latinamerica's leading securities firms I hope to bring a wealth of global market experience to District 6 Committee. I believe serving in this committee will allow me to present all the challenges foreign small firms have to cope with in order to fully implement and adhere to Finra policy. Additionally I would like the opportunity to educate other member firms, especially foreign ones. I consider myself to be objective and unbiased and having lived in many countries throughout my life I speak different languages and have a thorough understanding of how business relationships are carried in different markets. Having met Robert Estrada at a recent compliance seminar held in New Orleans this year I know the Committee understands the vital role that small firms play in our industry and I firmly believe they should also consider incorporating a foreign broker dealer such as LarrainVial Securites US LLC. I would appreciate the opportunity to serve in District 6.


David D. McNally
McNally Financial Services Corporation



I have been a licensed securities representative for the past 35 years. I currently hold Series 4,7,8,24,28, 53, and 63 series licenses. I am also a Certified Financial Planner. I have worked in California, Florida, and Texas for both bank broker dealers, and wire houses. I have operated an independent branch, been the Branch Manager for a regional brokerage firm, and the Executive Vice President of a bank owned broker dealer. My experience encompassesses all areas of the retail securities industry including the sale of various insurance products. I hold a Texas Group I Life and Health Insurance License and a Variable Contract License.

I am currently the President and CEO of McNally Financial Services Corporation. McNally Financial Services Corporation is an independent contractor firm registered with FINRA and the State of Texas. The firm is also a Texas General Lines Insurance Agency and Registered Investment Advisor. We are located in San Antonio, and have been a FINRA Broker Dealer since 2002.

I attended Northwestern University in Evanston Illinois on a NROTC Scholarship and received a Bachelors Degree in Liberal Arts. I was commissioned in the United States Marine Corps in 1968 and served until 1976. My occupational specialty was RF4B Reconnaissance Pilot, and I am currently a certified commercial pilot. I also perform Financial Planning as David D. McNally, CFP, Sole Proprietorship and am a Registered Investment Advisor.

I deal daily with all the compliance and regulatory aspects of running a small firm broker dealer. I want to represent small firms in FINRA District #6, and voice their concerns. I believe that I am well qualified to perform this duty, and look forward to receiving your votes.


Large Firm Representative Candidates


Susanne Denby
Chief Compliance Officer
NFP Securities, Inc.



I have served in the compliance area of an independent broker dealer and registered investment advisor for almost 16 years of which 9 of the most recent were as a Chief Compliance Officer. As a CCO, I have regularly created policies and implemented oversight of such policies so the firm would remain compliant. This experience has given me the opportunity to witness the impacts of new regulation both from the registered representative point of view as well as the firm's. In addition, my experience in designing a disciplinary process at several firms has allowed me to promote a culture of compliance at all levels. Discipline is an important part of self-regulation and if applied consistently can have a positive impact toward the ever challenging goal of reducing risk. Finally, training registered representatives on compliance matters in live settings has allowed me to gain an awareness of current risk trends at that level. The District Committee's goal to identify risk trends is an important one with which I hope to assist. 
The securities industry is better served through self-regulation. And thus I believe it is only fitting for executives in this industry to contribute beyond their designated job duties. I have not had an opportunity to "give back" to the industry and look forward to doing so now. I would be most honored to be selected as a member.  

I am running for a seat on the District Committee for two reasons. First, I am running to give back to the industry by providing research or other tasks needed to get new regulation off the ground. Secondly, I hope to provide color around the impacts new regulation could have on consumers, member firms and representatives. As a Chief Compliance Officer, one must have the ability to maintain the delicate balance between compliance and business. My experience as a CCO for both an independent contractor broker dealer and a registered investment advisor gives me a wide range of regulatory knowledge along with the practical experience that goes with the implementation of such regulations. This kind of experience would, I believe, be helpful to meeting Committee goals. As a firm, you should vote for me as I will strive to present real examples to encourage a practical approach to new regulation while not compromising the goal of reducing risk. At the end of the day, the majority of those in this business want to do the right thing. Participation in this Committee is important to keeping a balance in regulation. I would take the role very seriously and would strive to represent your interests well while also representing our desire to proactively mitigate risk.

Resume or CV: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/susanne-denby/22/135/28b


Kelly R Welker
Branch Manager
LPL Financial



Currently serving as a District 6 Committee Member and I have served on disciplinary action hearings. I am a member of the Financial Services Institute and a Certified Regulatory and Compliance Professional with the FINRA Institute. As a practicing financial adviser and branch manager, I bring a unique perspective to a body that is laden with compliance professionals and executive management. My ideas and input often come from the advisers view which is closer to the very people we are trying to protect...the clients.  

I have served on the District 6 Committee for the past three years and cannot speak of a better way to spend my charitable time than to give back to the industry that I see changing very rapidly. I feel that my input is welcomed and sometimes bringing a new and fresh perspective. I have enjoyed my time on the committee and would like to continue to serve my industry partners in the best way I can. Having the exposure to the committee also makes me a better and more effective supervisor and financial adviser.

Website: www.rwmgtx.com