1997 Office of Hearing Officers Disciplinary Orders

Order Number   Date
97-19   12/29/97   Order Regarding Respondent Motion for an Extension of Time to Answer  
97-18   12/26/97   Order Regarding Motion to Strike Affirmative Defenses  
97-17   12/26/97   Order Regarding Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings  
97-16   12/19/97   Order to Show Cause Why Respondents Should Not Be Held in Default to Appear at at Pre-Hearing Conference  
97-15   12/19/97   Order Striking Answer Filed on Behalf of and Directing the Department of Enforcement to Send a Second Notice of Complaint  
97-14   12/18/97   Order Granting Motion for Consolidation of Disciplinary Proceedings  
97-13   12/15/97   Order Denying Motion to Stay Proceeding  
97-12   12/15/97   Order Granting in Part Complainant's Motion to Exclude Witnesses and Amend Exhibit List  
97-11   12/9/97   Order Regarding Department of Enforcements Contact with Respondent's Counsel  
97-10   11/28/97   Order Denying Motions for More Definite Statement  
97-9   11/25/97   Final Pre-hearing Conference Order  
97-8   11/14/97   Order Extending Time for Respondents to Answer  
97-7   11/13/97   Order Regarding Motion of Respondents Requesting an Extension of Time to Answer, a More Definite Answer, and an Updated Service List  
97-6   11/11/97   Order Denying Motion of Respondents and for Extension of Time to Answer  
97-5   11/6/97   Order Denying Motion for a More Definite Statement  
97-4   10/30/97   Order Denying Motion for Disqualification of Hearing Officer  
97-3   10/7/97   Order Granting Motion to Withdraw as Counsel to Respondent  
97-2   9/18/97   Order Extending Time for Respondents to Answer  
97-1   9/15/97   Order Denying Request for Extension of Time in Which to Answer