2011 Office of Hearing Officers Disciplinary Orders

Order Number   Date
11-09   9/22/11   Memorandum Opinion and Order Denying Respondent’s Motion to Set Aside Default Decision  
11-08   9/7/11   Order Denying Respondent’s Motion for Stay of Hearing  
11-10   7/28/11   Order Regarding Pending Motions and Pre-Hearing Issues  
11-11   6/8/11   Order on Enforcement’s Objections to Respondent’s Proposed Exhibit List and Motion In Limine in Part  
11-07   6/1/11   Order Regarding Respondent’s Motion to Stay  
11-06   5/18/11   Order Granting Enforcement’s Motion Concerning the Testimony of MO, MB, and JF, and Denying the Respondent’s Motion to Exclude Their Testimony  
11-05   5/16/11   Order Denying Respondents’ Motion to Exclude Certain Portions of the Expert Report of HGF and to Preclude His Expert Testimony on the Issue of Suitability  
11-04   3/24/11   Order Denying Respondent’s Motion for Leave to Offer Expert Testimony  
11-03   3/18/11   Order Denying the Respondents’ Motion to Compel Production of Documents; for Production of a List of Withheld Documents; and to Extend Deadlines and Hearing Dates  
11-02   2/8/11   Order Denying Respondent’s Motion for Summary Disposition  
11-01   1/28/11   Order Granting Enforcement’s Motion to Permit Certain Witnesses to Have Counsel Present