FINRA Board of Governors

Rulemaking Items for Discussion at the September 2013 Meeting
The FINRA Board of Governors will consider the following rulemaking items at its September 2013 meeting. After the September 19 meeting, FINRA will notify firms via email about the Board's actions on these items and anticipated next steps, if any.

Alternative Display Facility (ADF)
The Board will consider several proposed amendments to the rules governing the ADF, including changes in connection with the migration of the ADF to a new technology platform, requirements for new participants to the ADF, and order reporting procedures.

Alternative Trading System (ATS) Aggregate Volume Data Fee 
The Board will consider proposed fees to be applied to the receipt by professionals of ATS aggregate volume data published by FINRA.

Disclosures Related to Recruitment Practices and Account Transfers
The Board will consider an updated proposal to require disclosure of compensation a registered representative receives in connection with changing firms and other important considerations for a customer deciding whether to follow the representative to the new firm.

Equity Trade Reporting
The Board will consider proposed amendments to the FINRA trade reporting rules in connection with the migration of FINRA equity trade reporting facilities to a new technology platform.