RCA - December 1998 - Ask the Analyst - Electronic Communications

Q. If a registered representative's Web site contains one page regarding mutual funds, must the entire Web site be filed with the Advertising Regulation Department, or can the firm submit just this page (assuming the other sections of the site have no material effect on the mutual fund section)?

A. The representative's NASD member firm need only file the page concerning mutual funds within 10 days of first use in order to comply with NASD Conduct Rule 2210(c)(1); however, the entire Web site must be reviewed and approved by a registered principal of the NASD member firm prior to use (and prior to filing with the NASD). Please note that the NASD Regulation staff may require further information about the Web site in order to evaluate the page that is required to be filed. To facilitate the review process you should provide a site map and the Web site address when submitting Web material.