NASD Notice to Members 96-12 - February 1996

Nasdaq National Market Additions, Changes, and Deletions as of January 19, 1996

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As of January 19, 1996, the following 35 issues joined the Nasdaq National Market®, bringing the total number of issues to 3,984:


Symbol Company Entry Date SOES Execution Level
ESTR ElectroStar, Inc. 12/21/95 200
FRAG French Fragrances, Inc. 12/21/95 200
HOMEF Home Centers (DIY), Limited (Ord Shs) 12/21/95 500
RGNT Regent Assisted Living, Inc. 12/21/95 200
SPAB SPACEHAB, Incorporated 12/21/95 200
VBRK Vacation Break U.S.A., Inc. 12/21/95 1000
ASHEW Aasche Transportation Svcs, Inc. (Wts 2/9/00) 12/22/95 200
IPSW Ipswich Savings Bank 12/22/95 200
MINI Mobile Mini, Inc. 12/26/95 200
MTBN Mountbatten, Inc. 12/26/95 200
AHCI Ambanc Holding Co., Inc. 12/27/95 200
CMGT Complete Management, Inc. 12/28/95 200
EMCG EMCOR Group, Inc. 12/28/95 200
PPTV PPT Vision Inc. 12/28/95 200
SPNSF Saipiens International Corp. N.V. (Ord Shs) 12/28/95 200
ULTR Ultradata Systems, Inc. 12/28/95 200
ULTRW Ultradata Systems, Inc. (Wts A 2/1/98) 12/28/95 200
CBSB Charter Financial, Inc. 12/29/95 200
HFNC HFNC Financial Corp. 12/29/95 200
HBNK Highland Federal Bank, A Federal Savings Bank 12/29/95 200
PEEK Peekskill Financial Corporation 12/29/95 200
STLBV Stolt-Nielsen S.A. (ADR WI) 12/29/95 200
AREA Area Bancshares Corporation 1/2/96 200
ECIN EMCEE Broadcast Products Inc. 1/2/96 200
ESOL Employee Solutions, Inc. 1/2/96 500
ROADV Roadway Express, Inc. (WI) 1/2/96 200
EQVN Equivision, Inc. 1/3/96 500
BFITV Bally Total Fitness Holding Corporation (WI) 1/4/96 200
LFBI Little Falls Bancorp, Inc. 1/5/96 200
TCICP TCI Communications, Inc. 1/10/96 200
USCM USCI, Inc. 1/10/96 200
SAGE Sagebrush, Inc. 1/11/96 200
INCY Incyte Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 1/16/96 200
CCOW Capital Corp. of the West 1/18/96 200
ALES Nor'Wester Brewing Company, Inc. 1/18/96 200

Nasdaq National Market Symbol And/Or Name Changes

The following changes to the list of Nasdaq National Market securities occurred since December 21, 1995:

New/Old Symbol New/Old Security Date Of Change
FNGB/FNGB First Northern Capital Corporation/ First Northern Savings Bank S.A. 12/21/95
NICH/BEBA Nitches, Inc./Beeba's Creations, Inc. 12/22/95
DENRF/NNEXF Denbury Resources, Inc./Newscope Resources Ltd. 12/22/95
CWLR/CWLRV Chartwell Re Corporation/Chartwell Re Corporation (WI) 12/27/95
IITCF/IITCF IITC Holdings, Ltd./Intera Information Technologies Corp. 12/28/95
GNSAR/GNSRV Gensia, Inc. (Rts 12/31/96)/Gensia, Inc. (Rts 12/31/96 WI) 12/29/95
FFBA/FFBA First Colorado Bancorp, Inc./First Federal Savings Bank of Colorado 1/2/96
STLBY/STLBV Stolt-Nielsen S.A. (ADR)/Stolt-Nielsen S.A. (ADR WI) 1/2/96
TCTC/TCTC Tompkins County Trustco, Inc./Tompkins County Trust Company 1/2/96
MSBC/PBGI MainStreet BankGroup, Inc./Piedmont BankGroup, Inc. 1/3/96
BFIT/BFITV Bally Total Fitness Holding Corp./Bally Total Fitness Holding Corp. (WI) 1/10/96
NALC/NAGC National Lodging Corp./National Gaming Corp. 1/16/96
ROAD/ROADV Roadway Express, Inc./Roadway Express, Inc. (WI) 1/16/96
STMI/STMI S T M Wireless, Inc./Satellite Technology Management, Inc. 1/17/96
NABI/NBIO NABI, Inc./North American Biologicals, Inc. 1/18/96

Nasdaq National Market Deletions

Symbol Security Date
BSSI BioSafety Systems, Inc. 12/21/95
CFBC CF Bancorp, Inc. 12/21/95
CORT Cort Business Services Corp. 12/21/95
CPIA CPI Aerostructures, Inc. 12/22/95
HAMBQ Hamburger Hamlet Restaurants, Inc. 12/22/95
MTMCW Micros to Mainframes, Inc. (Wts10/26/97) 12/22/95
ORBT Orbit International Corporation1 2/22/95
SBLT Sunbelt Companies, Inc. (The) 12/26/95
PRES Prime Residential, Inc. 12/27/95
WEST West One Bancorp 12/27/95
BTEC BancTec, Inc. 12/28/95
LRNG Learning Company (The) 12/28/95
SUST Sunstates Corporation 12/28/95
SUSTP Sunstates Corporation ($3.75 Cum Pfd) 12/28/95
AECI American Electronic Components, Inc. 12/29/95
HHGR Helian Health Group, Inc. 12/29/95
SCTT Scotts Company (The) 12/29/95
CABK Capital Bancorporation, Inc. 1/2/96
CABKZ Capital Bancorporation, Inc. (Dep Shrs) 1/2/96
HRTT Heart Technology, Inc. 1/2/96
KYMDA Kentucky Medical Insurance Co. (Cl A) 1/2/96
LOYC Loyola Capital Corp. 1/2/96
MIDL Midlantic Corporation 1/2/96
NORWY NORWEB plc (Sp ADR) 1/2/96
FERTP Nu-West Industries, Inc. (Cl A Pfd) 1/2/96
ADVG Advantage Companies, Inc. 1/3/96
BRBC Bay Ridge Bancorp, Inc. 1/3/96
HWKB Hawkeye Bancorporation 1/3/96
INTFW Interface Systems, Inc. (Wts 12/29/95) 1/3/96
MRBL Marble Financial Corporation 1/3/96
PRBC Premier Bancorp, Inc. 1/3/96
AHNT Access HealthNet, Inc. 1/4/96
MMGT Medical Management, Inc. 1/4/96
BKSO Bank South Corporation 1/10/96
CSFC C S F Holdings, Inc. 1/10/96
CFBKP Citizens Federal Bank, A Federal Savings Bank 1/10/96
AROS Advance Ross Corporation 1/11/96
CCHIA C C H, Inc. (Cl A) 1/11/96
CCHIB C C H, Inc. (Cl B) 1/11/96
DMCB Data Measurement Corp. 1/11/96
RIOH Rio Hotel & Casino, Inc. 1/11/96
RCMIF Rogers Cantel Mobile Communications, Inc. (ClB) 1/11/96
RFBK R S Financial Corp. 1/12/96
SUNY Sunrise Bancorp 1/12/96
CLDRP Cliffs Drilling Company (Conv. Exch Pfd) 1/15/96
MXTR Maxtor Corporation 1/15/96
POPS National Beverage Corp. 1/15/96
RULE Rule Industries, Inc. 1/15/96
HOLI Hollinger International, Inc. (Cl A) 1/16/96
ARANY Aran Energy plc (ADR) 1/17/96
EFIC EFI Electronics Corporation 1/18/96
KBKC K B K Capital Corporation 1/18/96
NXGN NexGen, Inc. 1/18/96
AMFF AMFED Financial, Inc. 1/19/96

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