NASD Notice to Members 06-29 - June 2006

NASD Announces Nomination Procedures for Regional Industry Member Vacancies on the National Adjudicatory Council; Nomination Deadline: July 17, 2006

Executive Summary

The purpose of this Special Notice to Members is to advise members of the nomination procedures to fill two upcoming vacancies on the National Adjudicatory Council (NAC). The three-year terms of the NAC regional Industry members from the New York and West Regions will expire in January 2007. Exhibit I contains information regarding the NAC regional Industry members whose terms expire in January 2007. Exhibit II contains a list of all 2006 NAC members. The procedures to fill the NAC regional Industry vacancies are outlined in Exhibit III. Also, a Candidate Profile Sheet is included in Exhibit IV.


Questions concerning this Special Notice may be directed to the Regional or District Directors listed in Exhibit I, or to Barbara Z. Sweeney, Senior Vice President and Corporate Secretary, NASD at (202) 728-8062 or via email.


This Notice has been revised to reflect the new Chair of the Regional Nominating Committee for the New York Region.