Comments on NASD Notice to Members 05-25

Yet another proposed new rule. 


I believe it is impossible for any firm not to be in violation of an NASD rule.  You people are making it impossible for us to do business.  Sorry, let me reward that, you people have made it imposable for us to do business. There is no industry that can survive this amount of regulation.  How about a proposed new rule tha requires the NASD to show the impact of any new rules they pass?  When I first got in this business I spent maybe 10% of my time on regulation, now I spend 60%. 


Let me guess….With this new proposed new rule you guys are going to tag us with some kind of new fee???????????????  How much will that be?


I would like to know your objective here?  If you want small firms to leave the business why don’t you just come out and say it.  This slow lingering death is much worse then just having a definitive answer. 


Jed Bandes

Mutual Trust Co. Of America Securities.

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