Comments on Regulatory Notice 08-25



Charles Schwab tape records all incoming calls from 1-800-435-4000. Failure to tape record all Schwab calls to me puts me at an evidentiary disadvantage with respect to the fair resolution of a complaint. Next, every Schwab representative that has access to the financial information on my account should be required to log into my account with his/her full name so I can obtain the name of the person I talked to on a particular day. The individual Schwab representative may choose to make a note about the conversation.

Every Schwab representative that returns a call regarding my account should be required to log on again and log in with his/her full name that they returned a call that must be recorded.

I want to be able to cite the correct person in the event of a trading compliant or customer service complaint or violation of a FINRA rule.

I am told that a Schwab representative can call using a phone with an outgoing line to call customer that are not recorded.

Jerry Hamlin