1999 Rule Filings

SR-NASD-1999-076   Amendments to the Code of Procedure and Other Provisions
SR-NASD-1999-072   Extension of Effectiveness of Pilot Injunctive Relief Rule
SR-NASD-1999-067   Amendments to Member Admission Rules
SR-NASD-1999-065   Creation of Corporate Bond Trade Reporting Facility
SR-NASD-1999-063   Amendments to Rule 2260 Governing Giving of Proxies by Members Absent Written Instructions from Beneficial Owners
SR-NASD-1999-060   Proposed Rule 2790, Trading in Hot Equity Offerings
SR-NASD-1999-054   Implementation of Single Arbitrator Pilot Program
SR-NASD-1999-050   Removal of Address from Forms U-4 and U-5
SR-NASD-1999-046   Chief Compliance Officer Registration
SR-NASD-1999-045   Amendments to Interpretation Governing Public Disclosure Program
SR-NASD-1999-042   Proposed Rule Change Relating to Performance Fee Arrangements
SR-NASD-1999-041   Approval Procedures for Day-Trading Accounts
SR-NASD-1999-037   Hard to Borrow List
SR-NASD-1999-036   Amendments to NASD Regulation By-Laws Relating to the Election of Chairs and Vice Chairs of the National Adjudicatory Council.
SR-NASD-1999-035   Amendment To Associated Person Definition
SR-NASD-1999-028   Amendment to Make Electronic Filing Requirement Effective
SR-NASD-1999-027   Extension of Effectiveness of Pilot Injunctive Relief Rule
SR-NASD-1999-021   Creation of a Separate Subsidiary to Administer Dispute Resolution Programs
SR-NASD-1999-019   Amendments to IM-10100 to Facilitate Use of Non-SRO Arbitration Forums
SR-NASD-1999-015   Suspension of NAC Call for Review of Membership Decisions
SR-NASD-1999-008   Amendments to Code of Arbitration Procedure Relating to the Arbitration Process for Claims of Employment Discrimination
SR-NASD-1999-007   Development of a Discovery Guide
SR-NASD-1999-005   Amendments to Rule 2520 (Margin Rules) Relating to Margin for Exempted Borrowers, Good Faith Accounts, Joint Back Office Arrangements and Options Transactions
SR-NASD-1999-004   Microcap Initiative - Proposed Recommendation Rule
SR-NASD-1999-002   SEC Rule 504 Offerings
SR-NASD-1999-001   Simplification of Corporate Financing Filing Fees