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Retirement Made SimplerTM is a coalition formed by AARP, FINRA, and the Retirement Security Project. The partnership was created specifically to inspire and support employers who want to help their employees save more for retirement. By providing companies with tools, research, and information they need to automate their 401(k) plans, more Americans will achieve a safe and secure retirement. For more information, visit


Help Your Employees Achieve Their Retirement Dream

We offer two resources to companies to help ensure that their employees do not fall prey to early retirement scams. The resources are a two-pronged investor education initiative in the wake of two major FINRA enforcement actions that involved multi-million-dollar fines and tens of millions of dollars in restitution to employees.



Help Your Employees Manage the Financial Impact of Unexpected Job Loss

Whatever the reason for job dislocations, your employees can face a period when handling their finances correctly will be critical to them and their family. Our brochure, Job Dislocation: Managing the Financial Impact of Unexpected Job Loss can help your employees take charge of their financial situation:


401(k) Debit Cards: Are They Right For Your Company?

Many Americans tap their retirement savings before they retire, potentially harming their efforts to provide for a financially secure future. With the advent of a recent product—the 401(k) debit card—borrowing from a retirement savings account is as easy as swiping and spending. These cards are often marketed as ideal for employers whose workforce includes young, seasonal, transitory, or union workers. Although they may seem to be an attractive feature of a 401(k) plans, learn about their potential pitfalls and how they can have enormous repercussions on your employees' retirement security.