2002 News Releases


December 30, 2002 -   NASD Dispute Resolution Establishes New Hearing Location in Puerto Rico
December 20, 2002 -   SEC, NY Attorney General, NASD, NASAA, NYSE and State Regulators Announce Historic Agreement to Reform Investment Practices
December 16, 2002 -   NASD Announces FIX Availability for ADF
December 10, 2002 -   Statement by NASD Chairman and CEO Robert R. Glauber on the Selection of William H. Donaldson for SEC Chairman
December 05, 2002 -   NASD Members Elect Eight Governors to Board
December 04, 2002 -   NASD Fines American Express Financial Advisors $350,000 for Improper Sales of Variable Annuities and Life Insurance
December 03, 2002 -   SEC, NYSE, NASD Fine Five Firms Total of $8.25 Million for Failure to Preserve E-Mail Communications
November 26, 2002 -   NASD Board Approves Proposed Interpretive Material Regarding Investment Analysis Tools
November 21, 2002 -   NASD Board Approves Increase in Corporate Bonds Disseminated by NASD
November 05, 2002 -   NASD to Provide Arbitration Training Online
October 30, 2002 -   NASD's NAC Upheld Previous Decision; Fraudulent Manipulation and Illegal Short Sales Result in Expulsion of Fiero Bros., Bar of John Fiero and Fine of $1 Million
October 30, 2002 -   NASD Announces Proposed Increase of Information Released to the Public
October 28, 2002 -   NASD Fines and Suspends Research Analyst for Misusing Confidential Information Obtained in Clinical Drug Trial; Sterling Financial and Others Also Sanctioned for Misleading and Inaccurate Research Reports
October 18, 2002 -   NASD Charges New York Broker Todd M. Eberhard with Numerous Sales and Reporting Violations
October 17, 2002 -   NASD Charges National Capital Securities, Its President and Two Research Analysts with Issuing Fraudulent Research Reports
October 16, 2002 -   NASD Settles Charges Against Swift Trade Securities for Deceptive Trading and Non-Bona Fide "Wash" Transactions in QQQ
October 15, 2002 -   NASD Charges Two Minneapolis Brokers with Insider Trading; Settles with Three Others
October 14, 2002 -   NASD Announces First Stage of ADF Roll-Out
October 03, 2002 -   NYSE, NASD Move to Strengthen Rules Concerning Analysts, IPOs Both Efforts In Support of Joint Effort with SEC, NY Attorney General
October 02, 2002 -   NASD Board Approves Disciplinary Rule Implementing NASAA/NASD Policy Restricting Expungement of Information from CRD
October 01, 2002 -   NASD Hearing Panel Bars Broker for Evading Federal Currency Reporting Requirements
September 24, 2002 -   NASD Kicks Off Mediation Settlement Month; Lower Mediation Prices for October
September 24, 2002 -   NASD and the Chicago Climate Exchange® Reach Historic Agreement
September 23, 2002 -   Salomon Smith Barney Fined $5 Million for Issuing Misleading Research Reports on Winstar; Charges Filed Against Jack Grubman and Christine Gochuico
September 19, 2002 -   NASD Advises Securities Firms on Tying Arrangements
September 19, 2002 -   NASD Streamlines Arbitration Process for Claimants Filing Against Defaulting Suspended or Terminated Industry Respondents
September 10, 2002 -   NASD's NAC Fines and Suspends Broker and Orders Restitution for Unsuitable Sales Of Over $2.1 Million of Class B Mutual Fund Shares
September 03, 2002 -   NASD, NFA Announce Joint Launch of Web-based Proficiency Training for Security Futures Products
August 21, 2002 -   NASD Board Approves Proposal to Allow Use of Investment Analysis Tools
August 15, 2002 -   NASD Fines and Suspends Two CSFB Execs for Failing to Prevent IPO Profit Sharing Paybacks
August 06, 2002 -   NASD Board Approves Proposed Amendments to Strengthen Authority in Member Application Reviews
July 28, 2002 -   NASD Board Approves Proposed Conduct Rules for IPO Activities
July 26, 2002 -   NASD's NAC Dismisses Action Against Morgan Stanley Dean Witter
July 25, 2002 -   NASD Announces Launch of ADF will be July 29th
July 22, 2002 -   NASD Files for Exemption from California Arbitration Rule
July 10, 2002 -   NASD Adds Spanish Language Material to Its Dispute Resolution Web Site
July 10, 2002 -   NASD Incorpora Material en Español a su Sitio Web Sobre Resolución de Controversias
July 09, 2002 -   NASD Charges Hornblower and Weeks with Violating Settlement by Issuing Research During NASD Ban
July 08, 2002 -   NASD's National Adjudicatory Council Disciplines Josephthal & Co. for Misconduct During an NASD Arbitration Hearing
July 01, 2002 -   NASD Launches TRACE Bond Trade Data System
June 27, 2002 -   NASD Charges Swift Trade Securities with Fraudulent and Non-bona Fide "Wash" Transactions in QQQ
June 26, 2002 -   NASD Suspends and Sanctions Trader for Marking the Close; Issues Cautionary Note Prior to Russell 2000 Rebalance
June 25, 2002 -   NASD Fines U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray and Managing Director $300,000
June 20, 2002 -   Statement of NASD Chairman and CEO Robert Glauber
June 09, 2002 -   NASD Charges Hornblower and Weeks with Violating Settlement by Issuing Research During NASD Ban
June 07, 2002 -   NASD Board Approves New Divisional Structure; Extends Term of Chairman and CEO Robert Glauber
June 04, 2002 -   NASD Launches College Savings Investor Education Initiative
June 03, 2002 -   NASD Launches Tool to Help Brokers Spot Terrorists That May Be Involved in Money Laundering
May 08, 2002 -   Statement of NASD Chairman and CEO Robert R. Glauber Regarding SEC Approval of New Analyst Rules
May 07, 2002 -   NASD Regulation Fines Hornblower & Weeks, Inc. $100,000 and Suspends Firm From All Research Activities for Six Months; Firm President Also Fined and Suspended
May 01, 2002 -   NASD Regulation Settles Stock Manipulation Case with M. H. Meyerson & Co., Inc. and Four Execs
April 18, 2002 -   NASD Regulation Censures and Fines Interactive Brokers for Market Systems Violations
April 12, 2002 -   The NASD Names Marc Menchel Senior Vice President and Regulation General Counsel
March 21, 2002 -   NASD Board Approves Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Plan
March 14, 2002 -   NASD and Nasdaq Liffe Markets Sign Regulatory Services Agreement
March 07, 2002 -   NASD Files Fee Schedule for Proposed Quotation and Trade Reporting Facility
February 27, 2002 -   NASD Regulation Expels First Federal Securities, Inc. and Bars Its Owner and President for False Membership Information
February 21, 2002 -   NASD Board of Governors Appoints Four New Members to the National Adjudicatory Council
February 12, 2002 -   NASD Launches Analyst Disclosure Investor Education Initiative
February 07, 2002 -   NASD Announces New Rules Governing Recommendations Made by Research Analysts
January 30, 2002 -   NASD Board Approves Proposed Rule on Requirements of Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Programs
January 24, 2002 -   NASD Board Approves Stock Sale to Nasdaq
January 22, 2002 -   NASD Regulation Charges Credit Suisse First Boston with Siphoning Tens of Millions of Dollars of Customers' Profits in Exchange for "Hot" IPO Shares
January 22, 2002 -   NASD Dispute Resolution has Record Year
January 22, 2002 -   View Additional Statement Regarding CSFB by NASD Regulation President Mary Schapiro
January 18, 2002 -   NASD Regulation Charges Tower Square Securities and Files Complaints Against Two Individuals
January 10, 2002 -   NASD Announces that OM of Sweden Chosen to Build Alternative Display Facility
January 09, 2002 -   NASD Regulation Fines and Censures Worldco, LLC and Former Principal for Day Trading Margin Violations
January 08, 2002 -   NASD Regulation Directs Knight Securities to Pay $1.5 Million for Market Violations