2006 News Releases


December 20, 2006 -   FBR to Pay Regulators $7.7 Million to Resolve Charges Related to Improper Short Selling of Compudyne PIPE Shares
December 19, 2006 -   NASD Charges Morgan Stanley DW with Repeatedly Failing to Provide Emails to Arbitration Claimants and Regulators
December 18, 2006 -   NASD Fines USAllianz Securities $5 Million for Widespread Supervisory, Record-Keeping Violations
December 13, 2006 -   NASD Fines Four Firms for Supervisory Failures Relating to Mutual Fund Sales Charge Waivers
December 06, 2006 -   NASD Board of Governors Overwhelmingly Approves By-Law Changes Necessary for Consolidation with NYSE Regulation; By-Law Changes Now Go To NASD Member Firms for Approval
December 04, 2006 -   NASD Fines Jefferies & Company $5.5 Million for Providing Improper Gifts and Excessive Entertainment to Fidelity Traders
November 28, 2006 -   NASD and NYSE Group Announce Plan to Consolidate Regulation of Securities Firms
November 08, 2006 -   NASD Foundation Funds Investor Education Program for Public Education Employees
November 06, 2006 -   "I hope this is your email" Scam Offers No Hope of Profits
November 06, 2006 -   NASD Fines Chase Investment Services, MetLife Securities $500,000 Each for Supervisory Violations in 529 College Savings Plan Sales
November 02, 2006 -   NASD Fines EKN Financial Services, Suspends Principals for Securities Registration Violations in Pipe Deals
October 26, 2006 -   McLaughlin, Piven and Vogel Securities Agrees to Repay Customers Overcharged for Transferring Accounts
October 25, 2006 -   NASD Fines Hedge Fund Manager $2.25 Million for Deceptive Market Timing in Variable Annuities
October 16, 2006 -   NASD Fines Citizens Bank Affiliate, CCO Investment Services Corp., $850,000 For Supervisory, Recordkeeping, Telemarketing, Other Violations
October 04, 2006 -   NASD Fines Oppenheimer and Co. $800,000 for Failing to Respond to Regulatory Requests, Failing to Report Municipal Transactions Accurately
September 26, 2006 -   NASD Charges NevWest Securities Corporation and Principals with Violating Anti-Money Laundering Rules
September 26, 2006 -   NASD Revises Sanctions Guidelines to Clarify That Firm Size, Resources May Be Considered When Imposing Sanctions for Misconduct
September 19, 2006 -   NASD Fines Three MetLife Securities Firms $5 Million for Providing Inaccurate, Misleading Information in Late Trading Inquiry
September 18, 2006 -   NASD DR Mediation Prices Reduced During 'Settlement Month' in October
September 14, 2006 -   NASD Investor Alert Warns Workers About Early Retirement Investment Pitches
September 14, 2006 -   NASD Fines Securities America $2.5 Million, Orders $13.8 Million in Restitution in Investment Scheme Aimed at Exxon Retirees
September 14, 2006 -   NASD Task Force Recommends Operational, Regulatory Changes to Minimize Delays, Make Improvements in Account Transfer Process
September 05, 2006 -   NASD Fines Morgan Stanley Firms $2.9 Million for Widespread Violations of NASD Rules
August 30, 2006 -   NASD Hearing Panel Fines American Funds Distributors $5 Million for Directed Brokerage Violations
August 28, 2006 -   Prudential Securities, Inc. Ordered to Pay Regulators $600 Million to Resolve Fraud, Other Charges Relating to Improper Market Timing
August 10, 2006 -   NASD Orders Citigroup to Pay Over $1.1 Million for Failing to Prevent Brokers' Submission of False Information to Mutual Funds
August 09, 2006 -   NASD Fines Four ING Broker-Dealers $7 Million for Directed Brokerage Violations
August 03, 2006 -   NASD Fines BRUT $2.2 Million for Publishing Erroneous Execution Quality Reports, Other Violations
July 26, 2006 -   Robert R. Glauber, NASD Chairman And CEO, Will Retire From NASD On August 31
July 18, 2006 -   NASD Investor Education Foundation Brings Military Financial Education Program To Navy Region Southwest with Six Events in California
July 17, 2006 -   NASD Foundation Study Examines What Makes Elderly Susceptible to Investment Fraud
July 17, 2006 -   NASD Fines Citigroup, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley $775,000 For Deficient Price Target, Ratings, Other Disclosures in Research Reports
July 13, 2006 -   NASD Sells Remaining Shares of NASDAQ Common Stock
July 11, 2006 -   NASD Alert Warns of Investment Scams Using Fake Regulator Web Sites
July 05, 2006 -   Taking the Mystery Out of Regulatory Processes: NASD Launches Plain-English Webcasts for Compliance Officers and Staff
June 29, 2006 -   NASD Fines Two Firms and Eight Traders $490,000 for Misusing NASDAQ Trading System
May 31, 2006 -   NASD Fines LaSalle Street Securities $200,000 for Supervisory Violations Related to Fraudulent Schemes Perpetrated by Broker Frank Devine
May 30, 2006 -   NASD Hearing Panel Bars Municipal Securities Broker for Fraudulent Sales Practices
May 18, 2006 -   NASD Introduces Compliance Podcasts to Get Industry's Ear
May 18, 2006 -   NASD Investor Education Foundation Rolls Out Military Education Program With Financial Education Forums Around the World
May 16, 2006 -   Joint Statement of NASD Chairman and CEO Robert Glauber, Minnesota Commerce Commissioner Glenn Wilson Regarding Success of Annuity Roundtable
May 04, 2006 -   NASD Changes the Code of Arbitration Procedure, Enhances Online Training Program For Arbitrators
May 04, 2006 -   NASD Promotes Three Top Executives
April 27, 2006 -   Texas Brokerage Firm Salomon Grey Financial Expelled for Widespread Violations of NASD Rules
April 26, 2006 -   NASD Investor Alert Warns Workers About Cashing Out of 401(k) Plan
April 26, 2006 -   NASD Suspends Broker for 90 Days, Imposes Fine and Disgorgement Totaling $400,000 for Short Sale Violations
April 18, 2006 -   NASD Hearing Panel Suspends, Fines Former GunnAllen Broker for Threatening Public Company
April 12, 2006 -   NASD DR Proposes Restricting Subpoena Power to Arbitrators
April 11, 2006 -   NASD Investor Education Foundation Announces New Grant Program
April 06, 2006 -   NASD Charges A.B. Watley and Former Brokers With Facilitating Mutual Fund Late Trading and Market Timing for Hedge Funds
April 05, 2006 -   NASD Fines AIG Affiliate American General Securities, Inc. Over $1.1 Million for Directed Brokerage Violations
March 30, 2006 -   Free Financial Education Forum for Military Personnel And Families Featuring Top Regulators, Sen. Daniel Akaka Set for Honolulu
March 27, 2006 -   NASD Foundation Funds Investor Education For Civil Rights Groups Through Brandeis University Grant
March 27, 2006 -   NASD Foundation Okays Grant for Marketplace Radio Programs Broadcasting Investor Education Messages
March 27, 2006 -   NASD Foundation Provides Funds for Investor Education Video Programming for Low-Literate Adults
March 27, 2006 -   NASD Foundation Grant Underwrites Commission Dedicated to Strengthening Students' Financial Literacy
March 27, 2006 -   NASD Foundation Funds Study by College of William & Mary To Examine Perceptions of Retirement Income Options
March 27, 2006 -   NASD Foundation Awards $1.6M in Grants
March 27, 2006 -   Ohio State Research Funded by NASD Foundation To Examine Racial Influences on Investment Behavior
March 23, 2006 -   NASD, Minnesota Department of Commerce Announce Annuity Roundtable in Washington, DC on May 5
March 23, 2006 -   NASD Promotes James S. Shorris to Head Enforcement Department
March 21, 2006 -   NASD Fines Boston Capital Securities $1.2 Million for Corporate Financing Disclosure and Compensation Violations
March 15, 2006 -   NASD Fines Merrill Lynch $5 Million for Call Center Supervisory Failures, Sales Contest Violations
March 07, 2006 -   NASD Reopens New Orleans District Office After Hurricane Katrina
March 07, 2006 -   NASD Investor Education Foundation Announces 2006 Grant Cycle
March 03, 2006 -   NASD Hearing Panel Dismisses Profit Sharing Complaint Against Invemed
March 02, 2006 -   NASD E-Learning Compliance Courses Reach 100,000 Users in Nine Months, Companion Video Presentations Command Over 100,000 Views in First Year
March 02, 2006 -   David Lerner Associates Suspended from Conducting New Business in Variable Annuities, Variable Life Insurance for 30 Days, Fined $400,000 for Violations of New York State, NASD Regulations
February 22, 2006 -   NASD, MSRB Issue Joint Statement Pledging Cooperation to Harmonize Mutual Fund, 529 Plan Sales Rules
February 16, 2006 -   New Campaign By NASD Foundation to Provide Financial Education Tools and Training to Military
February 14, 2006 -   NASD Orders Diversified Investors Securities to Pay Over $2.2 Million for Facilitating Market Timing
February 08, 2006 -   Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., Research Analyst Brad Hintz Fined $550,000 for Violations of Research Analyst Conflict of Interest Rules
February 03, 2006 -   NASD Members Elect Four Governors to Board
February 01, 2006 -   NASD Foundation Funds Research to Improve Financial Product Disclosure Information and Calls for Additional Research Proposals
January 31, 2006 -   NASD Fines Municipal Securities Dealer and its President $100,000 for Failing to Report Gubernatorial and Other Political Contributions
January 25, 2006 -   Growing Regulatory Requirements Drive Compliance onto the University Curriculum
January 23, 2006 -   NASD Seeks Public Comment on Proposed Changes to Business Entertainment Rule Requirements
January 18, 2006 -   NASD Enforcement Chief Barry R. Goldsmith Leaving to Return to Private Practice
January 12, 2006 -   NASD Board Names Future Successor to Chairman and CEO Robert R. Glauber Effective December 2006
January 09, 2006 -   NASD's TRACE Completes Real-Time Public Dissemination of Public Corporate Bond Transactions, Beginning Today
January 09, 2006 -   NASD Charges Oppenheimer & Co. and CEO Albert Lowenthal with Knowingly Producing Inaccurate Data to NASD in Breakpoint Sweep
January 06, 2006 -   NASD Says Software Error Impacts Certain Series 7 Exam Results