2009 News Releases

December 29, 2009 -   FINRA Warns Investing Public of Green Energy Investment Scams
December 21, 2009 -   FINRA Fines Pacific Cornerstone Capital, CEO $750,000 for Private Placement Offering Failures
December 15, 2009 -   FINRA Foundation Releases Inaugural Financial Capability Survey
December 08, 2009 -   FINRA Expels Meeting Street Brokerage, Bars Broker, Sanctions Firm's Owner for Market Manipulation, Other Violations
November 23, 2009 -   FINRA Fines Terra Nova Financial $400,000; Firm Made Over $1 Million in Improper Soft Dollar Payments
November 18, 2009 -   FINRA Fines MetLife Securities and Affiliates $1.2 Million for Email Supervision Failures
November 17, 2009 -   FINRA Wins Okay for Major Expansion of BrokerCheck, Will Permanently Disclose Disciplinary Actions Against Former Brokers
November 13, 2009 -   Securities Regulators to Talk Financial Literacy With Students
November 04, 2009 -   FINRA Bars California Broker for Insider Trading
October 29, 2009 -   AMF and FINRA Sign MoU on Financial Market Surveillance and Supervision
October 26, 2009 -   Scottrade Fined $600,000 for Inadequate Anti-Money Laundering Program
October 15, 2009 -   FINRA Announces Two New Members of Board of Governors
October 12, 2009 -   FINRA Fines Citigroup $600,000 for Failing to Supervise Tax-Related Stock Transactions
October 08, 2009 -   FINRA Bars Former New York Broker for Defrauding Elderly Investor of More Than $500,000
October 05, 2009 -   FINRA to Expand Program Evaluating All-Public Arbitration Panels
October 05, 2009 -   FINRA Warns Public of Scam Using Fake FINRA Emails in "Phishing" Scheme
October 02, 2009 -   Statement From FINRA Chairman and CEO Richard G. Ketchum on the Report of the Special Review Committee of the FINRA Board of Governors
October 01, 2009 -   FINRA Proposes Expanding TRACE Reporting to Asset-Backed Securities
September 29, 2009 -   TRACE Bond Reporting to Now Cover Government Agency Debt
September 22, 2009 -   FINRA Fines Citigroup Global Markets, UBS and Deutsche Bank $425,000, Orders Customer Restitution for Supervisory Failures in Vonage IPO
September 15, 2009 -   FINRA Panel Bars New Jersey Broker for Misappropriating Funds From 97-Year-Old Widow's Charitable Foundation
September 02, 2009 -   FINRA Announces Agreements with Three Additional Firms to Settle Auction Rate Securities Violations
August 31, 2009 -   FINRA Bars Brokers in Multi-Million-Dollar Ponzi Schemes
August 25, 2009 -   FINRA Bars Citigroup Sales Assistant for Taking More Than $850,000 From Customers, Falsifying Records, Making Unauthorized Trades
August 18, 2009 -   FINRA Expels Maximum Financial for Net Capital, AML, Other Violations While Engaging in Retail Foreign Currency Exchange Business
August 18, 2009 -   FINRA, SEC Warn Retail Investors About Investing in Leveraged or Inverse ETFs
August 12, 2009 -   Military Spouses Awarded Financial Counseling Fellowships
August 11, 2009 -   FINRA Bars AGSI Broker for Misappropriating $90,000 Inheritance From Two Sisters
August 10, 2009 -   FINRA Fines Credit Suisse $275,000 for Failing to Comply With Terms of Global Research Analyst Settlement
August 06, 2009 -   Ameritas Fined $100,000 for Use of Misleading College Funding Plans to Sell Variable Life Products
August 05, 2009 -   FINRA Hearing Panel Expels Legacy Trading Co., Bars Firm's CEO, Imposes Fine of More Than $1 Million
July 28, 2009 -   FINRA Fines Merrill Lynch, UBS for Supervisory Failures in Sales of Closed-End Funds; Customers Get More Than $5 Million in Remediation
July 27, 2009 -   FINRA Permanently Bars Broker Operating Ponzi Scheme Involving Customers of Broker-Dealers
July 23, 2009 -   FINRA Fines Bank Broker-Dealers $1.65 Million for Supervisory Failures in Variable Annuity, Mutual Fund and UIT Transactions
July 22, 2009 -   FINRA Fines NEXT Financial Group $1 Million for Supervisory Failures That Led to Churning of Customer Accounts, Excessive Commissions
July 15, 2009 -   FINRA Warns Public of Scam Using Fake FINRA Checks
June 30, 2009 -   FINRA Takes Sweeping Action to Protect Muni Bond Investors
June 30, 2009 -   FINRA Fines ICAP $2.8 Million, Fines and Suspends Former Broker for Improper Communications with Other Interdealer Brokers About Customers' Brokerage Rate Negotiations in Wholesale CDS Market
June 25, 2009 -   FINRA Fines Wachovia Securities $1.4 Million for Prospectus Delivery Failures, Related Supervisory Violations
June 17, 2009 -   FINRA Fines Raymond James, RBC Capital Markets Corporation, Stock Loan Trader for Improper Stock Loan Practices
June 15, 2009 -   FINRA Launches Enhanced Investor Protection and Education Programs
June 11, 2009 -   FINRA Announces Four New Members of its Board of Governors
June 04, 2009 -   FINRA Fines Three Firms Over $1.25 Million for Failing to Detect, Investigate and Report Suspicious Transactions in Penny Stocks
May 28, 2009 -   FINRA Charges Six Former Brookstreet Securities Brokers with Fraud in Connection with Retail Sales of Collateralized Mortgage Obligations
May 18, 2009 -   FINRA Expels Kirlin Securities, Bars co-CEO and Head Trader for Market Manipulation of Parent Company Stock
May 11, 2009 -   RD Capital Group and Firm President Ordered to Pay $1 Million in Fines, Restitution for Fraudulent Markups of U.S. Treasury STRIPS
May 07, 2009 -   FINRA Announces Agreements with Four Additional Firms to Settle Auction Rate Securities Violations
May 05, 2009 -   FINRA Bars Broker for Converting and Improperly Using More Than $500,000 from a Catholic Nun's Holdings, Another $80,000 from Three Elderly Customers
April 28, 2009 -   FINRA Fines Centaurus Financial $175,000 for Failure to Protect Confidential Customer Information
April 27, 2009 -   FINRA to Propose Expanding BrokerCheck to Permanently Disclose Disciplinary Histories of Former Brokers
April 14, 2009 -   FINRA Fines Fifth Third Securities $1.75 Million for 250 Unsuitable Variable Annuities Transactions
April 09, 2009 -   FINRA Fines Edward Jones $900,000 for Failing to Timely Deliver Official Statements to Customers in Municipal Bond Sales
March 30, 2009 -   Fellowships Available for Military Spouses to Earn Financial Counseling Accreditation
March 25, 2009 -   Morgan Stanley to Pay More than $7 Million to Resolve FINRA Charges Relating to Misconduct in Early Retirement Investment Promotion
March 24, 2009 -   FINRA Fines Wachovia Securities and First Clearing $1.1 Million for Failing to Provide Required Notifications to Customers
March 23, 2009 -   FINRA Fines 25 Firms More Than $2.1 Million for Failures in Mutual Fund Breakpoint Review, Other Violations
March 19, 2009 -   FINRA Hearing Panel Fines Mutual Service Corp. More than $1.5 Million for Supervisory Failures, Falsifying Records Relating to VA Exchanges
March 18, 2009 -   FINRA Proposes Pilot Program for Margining Credit Default Swaps
March 17, 2009 -   FINRA Fines Citigroup Global Markets $2 Million For Range of Trade Reporting Violations
March 10, 2009 -   First New York Securities, Four of its Former Traders Ordered to Pay Over $436,000 for Covering Short Sales with Secondary Offering Shares
March 09, 2009 -   FINRA Seeks Major Expansion of TRACE Reporting
March 05, 2009 -   FINRA Announces Creation of "Office of the Whistleblower"
February 25, 2009 -   FINRA Investor Alert, Online Tools Help Investors Protect Themselves From Financial Fraud
February 24, 2009 -   Richard G. Ketchum Named FINRA's Chief Executive Officer
February 23, 2009 -   Better Business Bureau of Metropolitan New York, FINRA Introduce Resource for Workers to Make Smart Financial Decisions After a Job Loss
February 19, 2009 -   Nearly Half of U.S. Servicemembers Confident About Retirement, 22 Percent Unaware of Thrift Savings Plan, New FINRA Foundation Survey Shows
February 18, 2009 -   FINRA Fines Robert W. Baird & Co. $500,000 for Fee-Based Account, Breakpoint Violations
February 12, 2009 -   FINRA Fines Wachovia Units More Than $4.5 Million for Failures Relating to Trust and Mutual Fund Sales
January 24, 2009 -   FINRA Investor Education Foundation and the ALA Announce Nearly $882,000 in Grants to Public Libraries to Support Grassroots Financial Literacy
January 23, 2009 -   FINRA Board of Governors Launches Search to Replace Schapiro; Stephen Luparello to Serve as Interim FINRA CEO
January 13, 2009 -   FINRA Fines Leonard & Co. for Sale of Unregistered Securities, Bars Broker for Unregistered Penny Stock Sales, Other Violations
January 08, 2009 -   SEC Approves FINRA Rule to Drastically Limit Motions to Dismiss in Arbitration
January 02, 2009 -   E*Trade Units Fined $1 Million for Inadequate Anti-Money Laundering Program