2010 News Releases

December 29, 2010 -   FINRA Expels APS Financial, Bars Former President and Former Broker for Targeting an Elderly Investor with Fraudulently Excessive Mark-ups
December 17, 2010 -   FINRA 2010 Year in Review
December 08, 2010 -   FINRA Foundation Releases Nation's First State-by-State Financial Capability Survey
December 03, 2010 -   FINRA Seeks Cease-and-Desist Order to Halt Ongoing Fraud and Misuse of Funds by Pinnacle Partners and its President Brian Alfaro
November 09, 2010 -   Goldman Sachs to Pay $650,000 for Failing to Disclose Wells Notices
October 22, 2010 -   Samuel Gaer to Head FINRA's Technology and TRACE Divisions
October 22, 2010 -   SEC, FINRA Announce 2011 National Seminar for Broker-Dealer CCOs
October 21, 2010 -   FINRA Names Brad Bennett as New Head of Enforcement Division
October 20, 2010 -   FINRA Orders Ferris, Baker Watts to Pay Nearly $700,000 for Inappropriate Sales of Reverse Convertible Notes
October 14, 2010 -   FINRA Foundation Military Financial Capability Survey Reveals Military Debt Problem
September 28, 2010 -   FINRA Proposes to Permanently Give Investors the Option of All-Public Arbitration Panels
September 20, 2010 -   FINRA, MSRB Remind Industry of Sales, Due Diligence and Pricing Obligations
September 20, 2010 -   FSA and FINRA Sign Cooperation Agreement
September 13, 2010 -   FINRA Sanctions Trillium Brokerage Services, LLC, Director of Trading, Chief Compliance Officer, and Nine Traders $2.26 Million for Illicit Equities Trading Strategy
August 25, 2010 -   FINRA Fines Zions Direct $225,000 for Failure to Disclose Potential Conflict of Interest in its Online CD Auctions
August 23, 2010 -   Military Spouses Receive Fellowships to Conduct Financial Counseling
August 19, 2010 -   FINRA Fines HSBC $375,000 for Unsuitable Sales of Inverse Floating Rate CMOs to Retail Customers and Related Supervisory Failures
August 18, 2010 -   Merrill Lynch to Pay More Than $2.5 Million Related to UIT Sales Charge Discount Failures
August 13, 2010 -   Securities Firms Elect Seven Industry Governors to FINRA Board of Governors; Approve Seven Proxy Proposals
August 10, 2010 -   FINRA Fines Morgan Stanley $800,000 for Deficient Conflict of Interest Disclosures in Equity Research Reports and Public Appearances by Research Analysts
August 09, 2010 -   FINRA, NASWA Deliver Job Dislocation Resource to Unemployed Workers in All 50 States
July 22, 2010 -   FINRA Orders SunTrust Investment Services to Pay $1.44 Million for Unsuitable UIT, Closed-End Fund and Mutual Fund Transactions
July 21, 2010 -   FINRA Fines Deutsche Bank Securities $7.5 Million for Negligent Misrepresentations Related to Subprime Securitizations
July 21, 2010 -   Susan Axelrod Named FINRA Executive Vice President, Sales Practice
July 15, 2010 -   FINRA Warns Investors of Social Media-Linked Ponzi Schemes, High-Yield Investment Programs
July 13, 2010 -   FINRA to Make Additional Information About Brokers, Former Brokers Publicly Available Through BrokerCheck
June 29, 2010 -   FINRA Hearing Panel Bars Broker for Manipulating Stock Price Downward to Benefit Hedge Fund Client
June 24, 2010 -   FINRA Fines Phoenix Derivatives Group, Eight Brokers at Five Firms A Total of $4.3 Million for Improper Communications About Customers' Interdealer Brokerage Rate Negotiations
June 18, 2010 -   ASIC and FINRA Sign Cooperation Agreement
June 14, 2010 -   FINRA and NYSE Euronext Complete Agreement for FINRA to Perform NYSE Regulation's Market Oversight Functions
June 01, 2010 -   The ASPIRA Association and the FINRA Investor Education Foundation Partner with National Media Groups to Launch "ASPIRA y Aprende a Invertir," a Latino Community Wealth Development Campaign
May 26, 2010 -   FINRA to Propose Expanding Registration to Firms' Back Offices
May 26, 2010 -   Citigroup Pays $1.5 Million for Supervisory Failures Related to Elaborate Scheme to Misappropriate Millions in Trust Funds Belonging to Cemeteries Located in Michigan and Tennessee
May 24, 2010 -   FINRA Fines Piper Jaffray $700,000 for Email Retention Violations, Related Disclosure, Supervisory and Reporting Violations
May 13, 2010 -   FINRA Fines Deutsche Bank Securities, National Financial Services a Total of $925,000 for Systemic Short Sale Violations
May 11, 2010 -   Florida Broker Barred for Selling Phony Financial Products, Taking More Than $1.9 Million From Clients
May 06, 2010 -   FINRA Orders Westpark Capital to Pay $400,000 for Failing to Supervise Brokers with Histories of Disciplinary Actions, Customer Complaints Who Churned Accounts, Engaged in Unauthorized and Unsuitable Trading
May 04, 2010 -   FINRA to Perform NYSE Regulation’s Market Oversight Functions
April 30, 2010 -   FINRA Proposes Expanding Arbitrator Selection Lists
April 29, 2010 -   FINRA Bars Prestige Financial Head Trader/Compliance Officer Who Scammed Customers Through Fraudulent Trading Scheme
April 27, 2010 -   FINRA Fines Five Firms $385,000 for Sale of Unregistered Securities, Other Violations Relating to Penny Stocks
April 22, 2010 -   FINRA Fines HSBC Securities (USA) $1.5 million, US Bancorp $275,000 for Auction Rate Securities Violations
April 20, 2010 -   FINRA Sets Regulatory Guidance for Investigating Private Placements
April 19, 2010 -   FINRA Charges McGinn, Smith & Co. and its President with Fraud in Sales of Unregistered Securities
April 12, 2010 -   FINRA Fines D.A. Davidson & Co. $375,000 for Failure to Protect Confidential Customer Information
April 07, 2010 -   FINRA Files Complaint Against Morgan Keegan & Company for Misleading Customers Regarding Risks of Bond Funds and Advertising, Other Violations
April 06, 2010 -   FINRA Fines Citigroup $650,000 for Direct Borrow Program Deficiencies
April 01, 2010 -   FINRA Fines Scottrade $200,000 for Pattern Day Trading Violations
March 31, 2010 -   Seattle Broker Rhonda Breard Barred for Defrauding Clients, Converting Customer Funds to Personal Use
March 18, 2010 -   Dallas-based Provident Asset Management Expelled for Marketing Fraudulent Private Placements Offered by Affiliate in Massive Ponzi Scheme
March 18, 2010 -   FINRA Enforcement Chief Susan Merrill Stepping Down
March 08, 2010 -   Applications Now Available for Military Spouses to Become Accredited Financial Counselors
March 04, 2010 -   FINRA's National Adjudicatory Council Dismisses Charges of Alleged Supervisory Violations by Senior Personnel of Knight Securities
March 04, 2010 -   FINRA Investor Education Foundation and United Way Worldwide Announce Nearly $1.5 Million in Grants to Support Grassroots Financial Education Projects
March 01, 2010 -   TRACE Reporting of Government Agency Debt, Primary Bond Market to Begin March 1
February 17, 2010 -   FINRA Proposes Further Expansion of Broker Information Publicly Available Through BrokerCheck
February 17, 2010 -   The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment Announces Partnership With ICMA Centre and FINRA on Diploma in Investment Compliance
February 16, 2010 -   FINRA Fines H&R Block Financial Advisors $200,000 for Inadequate Supervision of Reverse Convertible Notes Sales, Suspends and Fines Broker for Unsuitable Sales to Retired Couple
February 02, 2010 -   FINRA Fines Firms $750,000 for Inadequate Anti-Money Laundering Programs, Other Violations
January 28, 2010 -   FINRA Foundation Announces $1 Million in Grants to Fund Securities Advocacy Clinics
January 25, 2010 -   FINRA Issues Guidance to Firms, Brokers on Communications with Public Through Social Networking Web Sites
January 14, 2010 -   FINRA Foundation Issues Seeking Solid Financial Footing for the Next Decade: 10 Tips for 2010
January 13, 2010 -   FINRA Investor Education Foundation and the American Library Association Announce $1.5 Million in Grants to Public Libraries to Support Grassroots Financial Literacy