2011 News Releases

December 27, 2011 -   FINRA Fines Credit Suisse Securities $1.75 Million for Regulation SHO Violations and Supervisory Failures
December 22, 2011 -   FINRA Fines Barclays Capital $3 Million for Misrepresentations Related to Subprime Securitizations
December 20, 2011 -   FINRA Foundation Issues Weathering Tough Economic Times—12 Tips for 2012
December 16, 2011 -   FINRA's 2011 Activities Highlight Commitment to Investor Protection
December 16, 2011 -   FINRA Foundation 2010 Military Financial Capability Survey
December 15, 2011 -   FINRA Fines Wells Fargo $2 Million for Unsuitable Sales of Reverse Convertibles to Elderly Customers and Failure to Provide Breakpoints on UIT Sales
December 13, 2011 -   Test News release - 12/13/11
December 02, 2011 -   FINRA Foundation and USA Track & Field Foundation Team Up to Help Athletes Sidestep Investment Fraud
November 30, 2011 -   SEC Staff and FINRA Issue Risk Alert on Broker- Dealer Branch Office Inspections
November 29, 2011 -   FINRA Sanctions Eight Firms and 10 Individuals for Selling Interests in Troubled Private Placements, Including Medical Capital, Provident Royalties and DBSI, Without Conducting a Reasonable Investigation
November 22, 2011 -   FINRA Fines Wells Investment Securities $300,000 for Use of Misleading Marketing Materials for REIT Offering
November 18, 2011 -   FINRA and Ontario Securities Commission Sign Regulatory Cooperation Arrangement
November 15, 2011 -   FINRA Orders Chase to Reimburse Customers $1.9 Million for Unsuitable Sales of UITs and Floating-Rate Loan Funds
November 14, 2011 -   FINRA Foundation Launches Redesigned Website
November 10, 2011 -   FINRA Fines Morgan Stanley $1 Million and Orders Restitution of $371,000 for Excessive Markups and Markdowns
October 27, 2011 -   FINRA Statement on SEC Regulatory Action
October 21, 2011 -   FINRA Fines UBS Securities $12 Million for Regulation SHO Violations and Supervisory Failures
October 18, 2011 -   FINRA Investor Alert Urges American Workers to Take Advantage of 401(k) Match
October 18, 2011 -   FINRA Launches New Securitized Product Tables
October 06, 2011 -   FINRA Foundation Supports First Lady's "Joining Forces" Initiative with Expanded Financial Education Offerings for Military Families
October 04, 2011 -   FINRA Issues Investor Alert on Public Non-Traded REITs
October 04, 2011 -   FINRA Fines Merrill Lynch $1 Million for Supervisory Failures That Allowed a Registered Representative to Operate a Ponzi Scheme
October 04, 2011 -   FINRA Names Gerri Walsh President of the FINRA Foundation, Head of Investor Education
September 29, 2011 -   FINRA Orders Raymond James & Associates, Inc. and Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. to Pay $1.69 Million in Restitution for Charging Unfair Commissions
September 07, 2011 -   FINRA Fines Five Broker Dealers for Improper Handling Fees
August 24, 2011 -   FINRA Warns Investors of Gold Stock Scams
August 18, 2011 -   FINRA Suspends and Fines Trader; Orders Restitution for Manipulative Trading that Artificially Impacted the Market Through a Concealed Account
August 10, 2011 -   Stanford University and the FINRA Foundation Launch Fraud Prevention Research Center
August 09, 2011 -   FINRA Fines Citigroup $500,000 for Failing to Supervise Sales Assistant Who Misappropriated Customer Funds
August 03, 2011 -   Firms Elect Two Industry Governors to FINRA Board of Governors
July 26, 2011 -   FINRA Fines SunTrust Robinson Humphrey, SunTrust Investment Services a Total of $5 Million for Auction Rate Securities Violations
July 25, 2011 -   FINRA Warns Investors About Chasing Returns in Structured Products, High-Yield Bonds and Floating-Rate Loan Funds
July 20, 2011 -   FINRA Suspends William Bailey, Former NEXT Financial Broker, for Two Years for Improper Trading in Customer Accounts and Other Violations
June 22, 2011 -   Morgan Keegan Ordered to Pay $200 Million to Investors to Settle Allegations Regarding Sales of Bond Funds
June 02, 2011 -   SEC, FINRA Warn Retail Investors About Investing in Structured Notes With Principal Protection
June 02, 2011 -   FINRA Fines Northern Trust Securities, Inc. $600,000 for Inadequate Supervision of Sales of Collateralized Mortgage Obligations and Certain High-Volume Securities Trades
May 31, 2011 -   FINRA Charges David Lerner & Associates With Soliciting Investors to Purchase REITs Without Fully Investigating Suitability; Lerner Marketed REITs on its Website With Misleading Returns
May 26, 2011 -   FINRA Issues Warning on Stock-Based Loan Programs
May 26, 2011 -   FINRA Fines Credit Suisse Securities $4.5 Million and Merrill Lynch $3 Million for Misrepresentations Related to Subprime Securitizations
May 23, 2011 -   FINRA Fines Nuveen $3 Million for Use of Misleading Marketing Materials Concerning Auction Rate Securities
May 16, 2011 -   FINRA Launches New Disciplinary Actions Database
May 05, 2011 -   FINRA Fines Wells Fargo Advisors $1 Million for Delays in Delivering Prospectuses to More Than 900,000 Customers
May 04, 2011 -   FINRA Alert Warns of Japan Earthquake Related Investment Scams
May 02, 2011 -   FINRA Bars Illinois Broker for Insider Trading
April 19, 2011 -   FINRA Suspends Pinnacle Partners and its President Brian Alfaro
April 14, 2011 -   FINRA Fines Jefferies $1.5 Million for Failing to Disclose Additional Compensation Paid and Conflicts in Sale of Auction Rate Securities
April 12, 2011 -   FINRA Fines Santander Securities $2 Million for Deficiencies in Its Structured Product Business and Unsuitable Reverse Convertible Sales
April 11, 2011 -   FINRA Fines UBS Financial Services $2.5 Million; Orders UBS to Pay Restitution of $8.25 Million for Omissions That Effectively Misled Investors in Sales of Lehman-Issued 100% Principal-Protection Notes
April 07, 2011 -   FINRA Sanctions Two Firms and Seven Individuals for Selling Private Placements Without Conducting a Reasonable Investigation
April 04, 2011 -   FINRA Hearing Panel Expels AIS Financial, Inc. for Systemic Anti-Money Laundering Violations
March 28, 2011 -   FINRA Foundation Issues Take Control of Your Financial Future: Tips to Think About at Tax Time and Beyond
March 22, 2011 -   FINRA Fines Southwest Securities, Inc. $650,000 for Compliance Failures That Permitted Correspondent Firm Cutler Securities to Cause a $6.3 Million Single-Day Loss Through Improper Short Sales
March 15, 2011 -   FINRA Warns of Facebook-Linked Pre-IPO Scams
March 09, 2011 -   FINRA Expels MICG Investment Management and Bars MICG's CEO for Fraud In Connection With MICG's Venture Strategies Hedge Fund
March 07, 2011 -   FINRA Investor Education Foundation and United Way Worldwide Announce Over $1.8 Million in Grants to Support Grassroots Financial Education Projects
March 07, 2011 -   FINRA Fines Southwest Securities $500,000 for Paying Former Texas Municipal Issuer Officials and Others to Solicit Municipal Securities Business on its Behalf
March 02, 2011 -   FINRA Foundation Makes FICO Scores Available Free to Military Servicemembers
March 01, 2011 -   Fellowship Application Period Opens for Military Spouses to Earn Financial Counselor Designation
February 18, 2011 -   FINRA Enforcement Executive Director James Shorris Returning to Private Sector
February 17, 2011 -   FINRA Imposes Fines Totaling $600,000 Against Lincoln Financial Securities and Lincoln Financial Advisors for Failure to Protect Confidential Customer Information
February 07, 2011 -   FINRA Investor Education Foundation and the American Library Association Announce $1.4 Million in Grants to Public Libraries to Support Grassroots Financial Literacy
February 01, 2011 -   SEC Approves FINRA Proposal to Give Investors Permanent Option of All Public Arbitration Panels
January 21, 2011 -   FINRA Foundation and NFL Team Up to Help Players Avoid Investment Fraud, Make Smart Financial Decisions
January 19, 2011 -   Statement of FINRA Regarding the SEC's Study on Enhancing Investment Adviser Examinations
January 11, 2011 -   FINRA Orders Schwab to Pay $18 Million to Investors for Improper Marketing of YieldPlus Bond Fund