Intern Testimonials: Jared Ursani

Financial markets, economics, and investing has intrigued me since my childhood and led me to pursue undergraduate double majors in business and government along with an exploration in economics. My experiences in the financial private sector led me to pursue an internship with FINRA. FINRA’s internship program allowed me to gain insight into an organization that is strong, focused, and committed to its employees and dedicated to improving regulation for its constituents. I experienced various presentations throughout my internship which focused on how FINRA was created, its current structure, and my experience thus far with the program. In addition, FINRA’s internship allowed me to work with a mentor who coached me in developing good communicative and analytical skills that will serve me well at FINRA and throughout my career.

During my internship, I worked in FINRA’s largest department, Member Regulation. My responsibilities included working with policy, internal systems, special projects, and along side various teams to help further the department’s goals. FINRA provides a collegial atmosphere where even as an intern; I was given the opportunity to have full interaction with the staff who were always helpful and respectful. Through the experience, I realized that FINRA truly cares about providing its interns with stimulating and meaningful work.

My FINRA internship helped me mature further and provided increased self-confidence when I returned to complete my senior year. The internship also enhanced my public speaking ability, critical thinking skills, and gave me insight into the operation of a medium sized self regulatory organization which complemented my business studies.

During my job search, FINRA was my first choice for employment. As I explored a potential career in finance with FINRA and other organizations, my internship provided me with a valuable resume talking point. The professionalism I experienced and developed at FINRA also gave me confidence when interviewing and meeting potential employers. My internship provided me with insight into FINRA in terms of the positions that are available, my potential colleagues, and corporate culture of the organization. This provided me with confidence that I was making a good decision and the right one when I chose to accept a position at FINRA.

Jared Ursani is a Communications & Information Manager, Shared Services Administration & Management, Washington, DC. He interned in the same department summer of 2007 and was hired January 2008.