Intern Testimonials: Kathryn Pendergast

I majored in Financial Analysis, with a minor in Financial Market Regulation, at the University of Albany. At school I developed a strong interest in financial markets, which led to my desire to intern at FINRA. I also fully believe in FINRA's mission of protecting investors and ensuring market integrity.

As an intern, I directly assisted the Market Regulation department in accomplishing its goals by completing reviews of annual exams and updating the department's procedures manual. The complexity and regulatory importance of the documents I worked on taught me the need for greater attention to detail, and my challenging tasks enhanced my critical thinking abilities. I also learned to more effectively communicate with my colleagues, and how important it is to ask questions and seek feedback when working on projects.

I didn't have what I would call a "typical internship" - my time was spent on real assignments, not grabbing coffee or watching from the sidelines. I enjoyed and valued each day as an intern. FINRA allowed me to work independently on projects, and freely share ideas and questions with other examiners and managers. I was given the autonomy to grow and develop as a young professional in an organizational setting. I also valued FINRA's culture and the camaraderie in my department.

FINRA was the right fit for me. The professional relationships I developed at FINRA and staying in touch with my department opened the door to my fulltime position. I came away with a network of contacts, which were essential in jump starting my career.

Kathryn Pendergast is a Compliance Examiner, Market Regulation, Trading and Financial Compliance Examinations - NY. She interned in Market Regulation in the summer of 2012 and was hired by the same department in 2013.