Intern Testimonials: Ling Zhong

As a student from accounting and finance background, I have always been interested in becoming a financial regulation professional to defend the integrity of financial market. However it was not until my summer internship at FINRA that I came to understand how amazing a career in financial regulation would be. From the very first day at FINRA, I was given the chance to learn and work with many very talented people in the industry, an opportunity that I hold with great appreciation. FINRA’s internship program is truly well structured. It provided a one day orientation to educate us about the company’s mission and values and help us feel more comfortable in the office setting. In addition to that, FINRA’s internship program appointed experienced professionals as mentors to help and give advices to us, and organized a series of tours for us to visit famous finance institutions.

My internship at FINRA provided me with great opportunities to put what I have learned at the university into practice as well as to acquire new skills working in a financial setting. During my internship at FINRA, I assisted in reviewing and analyzing documents and information on customer complaints, financial statements, and member firm policies. I also helped summarize the transcripts from on-the-record interviews, which enabled me to learn first-hand how compliance examiners used their investigation skills to find the truth behind each case.

FINRA truly cares about their interns and is dedicated to providing a stimulating and supportive environment for our personal and professional growth. The mentors are extremely supportive and always accessible for help. Not only did the day-to-day work keep me busy and fully immersed in financial regulation, but the internship program itself was also a uniquely valuable part of my summer. For example: we had opportunities to visit NYSE, Amex and Federal Reserve Bank where we can interact with the trading floor professionals and economic professionals.

This unique summer intern experience at FINRA has been rewarding, enriching, and educational. I truly enjoyed my time at FINRA and established a greater passion for the financial regulation industry. Upon my graduation from college, without any doubt I chose to join FINRA to pursue a meaningful career that helps protect the integrity of financial market!

Ling Zhong is a Senior Examiner, Member Regulation, Sales Practice, District Office—Long Island. She interned in the same office/department in the summer of 2007 and was hired in December 2007.