Intern Testimonials: Marcus Harvey

As an accounting major it seems like you are destined to land a job at a public accounting firm of some sort. However, long hours and little pay was not something that I could get excited about. Therefore, I sought out other meaningful opportunities that seemed relevant to auditing, and during my junior year, I landed an internship with the internal audit department of NASD, now FINRA. Through the internship I was able to build working relationships and references with a number of professionals.

The internship allowed me to use some of the fundamental skills acquired during my first three years of college. This internship was not like any other that I experienced. I didn’t find myself with a lot of idle time as is the case with most internships. I was also given a lot of interesting work. I was provided the opportunity to audit information for compliance with the organizations internal procedures, prepare memos, and assist in the creation of an audit module. The experience also provided me with audit experience that would help me complete school as well as find my future my career.

By providing me with a mentally stimulating and supportive environment for personal and professional growth, the organization showed me that it truly cared about its interns and internship program. My mentor provided me with the assistance I needed to progress as an intern as well as valuable advice on life in general. After having such a fulfilling experience as an intern, my first choice for future employment was a career with FINRA protecting investor the integrity of the financial markets.

Marcus Harvey is a Regulatory Analyst, Market Regulation, Rockville, MD. He interned in Internal Audit in the summer of 2006 and was hired November 2006.