Answer a Claim

An answer is a written document that specifies the relevant facts and available defenses to the Statement of Claim.  A respondent files an answer to the claimant's Statement of Claim.

If a respondent is named in an arbitration matter, the respondent must file with FINRA an answer within 45 days of receipt of the Statement of Claim.  When answering a claim, a respondent must serve every party, all claimants and respondents,  with copies of the signed Submission Agreement and answer.

In addition to this requirement, a respondent must file an original and three copies of the signed Submission Agreement and answer with FINRA Dispute Resolution at the same time.  (If the claim will be decided by single arbitrator, the respondent should file only one additional copy.)  FINRA will provide the copies to those arbitrator(s) selected to hear and determine the dispute. 

Customer Code Rule 12303
Industry Code Rule 13303