Live Video or Onsite Classroom Training Session (Part III)

After successfully completing the online basic and expungement courses, candidates are ready to attend a four-hour live video or onsite classroom training course. The live video and onsite courses reinforce concepts learned in the online training, and provide practical guidance for resolving common issues that arise during arbitration. The trainings also provide an opportunity for FINRA's trainer to meet and evaluate each candidate.

Live video trainings are conducted via WebEx several times per month, and are available to individuals in any hearing location. Onsite classroom trainings are conducted in each of our regional offices throughout the year: Boca Raton, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City. Candidates may attend either program to satisfy the classroom training requirement. For either format, candidates must confirm with the trainer that they have successfully completed the online basic course.

Only arbitrator candidates who have submitted an application, received approval to join the roster, and  completed successfully the Online Basic Arbitrator Training and Expungement Training courses are eligible to attend this training.