Online Claim Filing

Any party may submit an arbitration claim using this system. The online arbitration claim filing system is a fast, convenient, and efficient way to file an arbitration claim.

The system allows you to:

  • Complete an online Claim Information Form;
  • Submit a Statement of Claim, signed Submission Agreement, and other supporting documentation electronically,*
  • Pay the filing fee online;
  • Generate a printable receipt with tracking number;
  • Save multiple partially completed claims and return to them later (Note: partially completed forms must be saved at least once every 60 days or the form will automatically be deleted).

Before you log on to the system, please take a few minutes to review the Online Filing User Guide. It will help you navigate the system and will address most situations that you will encounter. It will also be very helpful to have already prepared your Statement of Claim prior to using the Online Arbitration Claim Filing system. Much of the information in your Statement of Claim will be required on the online form. You might wish to review your Statement of Claim with an attorney or other legal representative before submitting it using the Online Arbitration Claim Filing system. For more information please visit Find an Attorney or Other Legal Representation. For further assistance, please view the frequently asked questions.

* In addition, FINRA will absorb all reasonable costs of photocopying your attachments if you submit them electronically.

Please note: This system is NOT the FINRA DR Portal, which is a new online system recently implemented to allow case participants and neutrals to manage their arbitration and mediation cases online. We are currently rewriting this online claim filing form and incorporating it into the DR Portal. Once this rewrite is completed (anticipated by the end of summer 2016), you will be able to create an account and log directly into the DR Portal to file a claim, and the Online Claim Filing System will be retired. This will also resolve technical limitations on which browsers can be used (e.g., this online claim system does not work properly with Safari or Chrome browsers.) More information regarding the DR Portal can be found here