Other Options for Investors

In addition to starting and arbitration or mediation, you may also file a written complaint with the SEC, the FINRA Investor Complaint Center, or with your state securities regulator. You may file a tip with FINRA's Office of the Whistleblower or the SEC's Office of the Whistleblower, if you have evidence of illegal or unethical activity at a brokerage firm.

  • FINRA Investor Complaint Center
    If you file a complaint with the Investor Complaint Center, FINRA can investigate any potentially fraudulent or suspicious activities by brokerage firms or registered representatives. You must initiate an arbitration or mediation to pursue monetary damages or other restitution.
  • FINRA Office of the Whistleblower
    If you have information about potentially illegal or unethical activity, you may file a tip with the Office of the Whistleblower by calling 1-866-96-FINRA or by writing to whistleblower@finra.org. FINRA senior staff will assess the level of risk involved and make sure that each tip is properly addressed, including referring any tips that fall outside its jurisdiction to the appropriate regulatory or law enforcement agencies.
  • File a Complaint with Federal or State Securities Regulators
    The SEC and state securities regulators investigate customer complaints for potential violations of securities laws or regulations. The SEC accepts complaints and questions, if you have a problem with or a question about your investments, investment account, or a financial professional. You may also contact your state's securities regulator by visiting the North American Securities Administrator Association's website. However, these regulators cannot bring a claim of monetary damages on your behalf. In most cases, you must initiate an arbitration or mediation to pursue monetary damages or other restitution.