Potential Fees in Mediation Cases

Mediation Filing Fee – The fee the parties pay when they agree to mediate. FINRA may issue a Mediation Filing Fee Discount, which is a credit toward the Mediation Filing Fee. FINRA may reduce the per case fees by issuing a discount during a promotional event, such as Mediation Settlement Month, or at any other time when FINRA determines not to assess the full filing fee amount from the schedule.

Mediation Session Deposit – The estimated amount expected to cover mediator fees and expenses.

Mediator Expenses – The fee the parties pay for the mediator's expenses.

Mediation Session Fee – The actual fee assessed to the parties based on the mediator's hourly rate and the length of the mediation.

  • Mediation Session Deposit Credit – A credit toward outstanding Mediation Session Fee.

Mediation Room Charges -  The fee assessed for rooms rented to conduct the mediation.

For more detail, go to Mediation Code Rule 14110.