Sponsoring Mediation Settlement Day — Thursday, October 19, 2017

Who Sponsors Mediation Settlement Day

This annual event is sponsored by: the FINRA Office of Dispute Resolution, in conjunction with the New York State Unified Court System and over one hundred national and regional alternative dispute resolution programs, bar associations, community-based programs, public service and non-profit organizations, and schools concentrated in the New York City area and extending beyond to upstate New York, New Jersey, Illinois, California and Washington, DC. A detailed list of sponsors and supporters is below, along with links to some of their Web sites. Traditionally, the same sponsors participate annually and we add new sponsors each year.

How Sponsors Participate in Mediation Settlement Day

Sponsorship is free and simple. It can involve as little as putting up the Mediation Settlement Day flyer in a visible place leading up to the Kick-Off Event on October 18, 2017 and through Mediation Settlement Day on October 19, 2017. Other ways sponsors can participate include:

  • Sending announcements of the events to clients, parties, judges, arbitrators – use the on-line Mediation Settlement Day Event Submission Form so we can publicize your organization's event for this year;
  • Setting up a table at the kick-off event;
  • Providing a place in their own facilities on October 19, 2017 with an expert to explain, promote, and field questions about mediation;
  • Providing extra neutrals to mediate cases;
  • Arranging for mediators to serve at reduced rates for the event or holding special training sessions;
  • Providing letters of support for Mediation Settlement Day

FINRA helps to coordinate the Mediation Settlement Day events each year and provides mediation at reduced rates throughout the month of October. See Mediation Settlement Month for more information.

How to Become a Sponsor

If you belong to a community-based program, a school, a public service or non-profit organization, a bar association, a court system, or a professional mediation organization and would like to sponsor and/or participate in the event, please fill out and submit the online Mediation Settlement Day Registration Form. To date, we have not included for-profit, private mediators or mediation firms as sponsors, however, professional mediators and for-profit organizations can participate by contributing to and attending the events surrounding Mediation Settlement Day.

2017 Mediation Settlement Day Sponsors and Supporters

Bar Associations

Business and Professional Associations

Community-Based Organizations

Court Program

Government Agency

Law Schools & Universities