Additional Information Related to the Final Consolidation of NASD and NYSE

As a follow up to the email you received yesterday announcing that FINRA has begun operations, we wanted to provide you with additional information related to the final consolidation.

Regulatory Filings
Your firm should continue to use the systems, forms and filing procedures that are currently being used.

Use of FINRA Name
Firms that were NASD members as of the effective date of the consolidation (July 30, 2007) may continue to use materials that reference NASD until current supplies are exhausted (e.g., forms, stationery, confirmation statements, fingerprint cards and other customer-facing items). Online or Web-based materials should be updated as soon as practical. When updating materials, references to "Member NASD" should be changed to "Member FINRA." As required in IM 2210-4, effective October 31, when referring to FINRA membership on your firm's Web site, your firm must link to FINRA's Web site at

Communications from FINRA
FINRA will consider your firm's executive representative its primary point of contact for regulatory communications. Executive representatives and designated assistants will continue to receive a "Weekly Update" email that includes notifications of regulatory information and updates, news releases, announcements and other important information for firms.

In an effort to communicate more clearly and make it easier to disseminate information within your firm, FINRA Notices to firms (formerly known as Notices to Members) will fall into the following categories:

  • Regulatory Notices will provide timely regulatory information about rules, including notice of recently approved rules and rule amendments, requests for comment, and legal interpretations and compliance guidelines relating to existing rules.
  • Election Notices announce timelines, nominations and results for elections, such as Board of Governors, Small Firm Advisory Board and District Committee elections.
  • Trade Reporting Notices address trade reporting matters for FINRA regulatory systems, such as TRACE, ADF, OTCBB, and TRFs or issues such as Reg NMS.
  • Information Notices provide general information on issues such as holiday schedules and other administrative notifications.

FINRA's Web Site
If your firm currently links to, please make sure to update those links to

Reaching FINRA Staff
You should continue to use the current addresses and phone numbers for all FINRA staff unless you are otherwise notified by that individual of a change. All email addressed to FINRA staff uses the following convention:

If you have any questions, please call your Coordinator. Thank you.