Information for Securities Traders

All Securities Trader (TD) registered individuals are required to complete a computer-based training program within 120 days of the second anniversary of their approval date and every three years thereafter.

What is the Securities Trader Registration and how does it impact proprietary traders?
The Equity Trader (ET) Registration (S55) and the Proprietary Trader (PT) Registration (S56) were retired and replaced with the Securities Trader (TD) Registration (S57) beginning January 4, 2016. Persons holding the PT and/or ET Registrations have automatically received the TD Registration. More information on the TD Registration is available in the SR-FINRA-2015-042 Rule Filing.
Why is the S501 Proprietary Trader CE Program being retired?
As a result of the introduction of the new Securities Trader Registration, the S501 Proprietary Trader CE Program has been retired.
What is the required CE program for the Securities Trader Registration?
The personalized S101 CE Program is the required CE program for Securities Trader (TD) registrants. Topics covered by the S501 CE Program have been integrated into the S101 CE Program. The S101 CE Program includes a new personalized format that permits participants to view content in three modules that apply to all registered persons as well as selecting one of five job functions specific to their responsibilities in the fourth module. Those functions are Institutional Sales, Trading, Operations, Retail Sales and Investment Banking/Research.
After January 4, 2016, participants who hold the TD Registration are required to take the S101 CE Program and can select Trading for their personalized module.
How can I complete the S101 Program to fulfill my CE requirement?
The S101 CE Program became available online beginning January 4, 2016, allowing participants to satisfy their CE requirement—anytime, anywhere. CE Online Program sessions are not timed and can be completed all at once or taken in smaller segments. The session automatically bookmarks participants’ progress and permits them to return at a later time to complete their CE session. Rollovers and resources that are designed to support the learning objectives continue to remain available in the cases to enhance the learning experience. Participants must continue to complete their CE requirement within the prescribed 120-calendar-day window.
What website do I use to take CE Online?
You are able to access the CE Online Program from this page by clicking on the red button at the top right entitled, “LAUNCH CE ONLINE,” or at
What does CE Online cost?
The cost for the CE Online S101 CE Program session is $55 and will be billed to the firm’s CRD account when participants complete their sessions.
When can I begin my CE session online?
You can begin your CE Online session immediately, as long as your 120-calendar-day window is open.