Continuing Membership Guide - Section II

Specific Documents for Selected Expansions

Required Documents

Firms may download, print, photocopy and submit the following documents and other applicable information along with their applications. These documents also can serve as a guide for what firms should submit in order to ensure the most prompt review.

Please note: There is not a specific CMA form that firms should fill out, or a specified format they should follow. However, NASD Rule 1017(b)(2) contains requirements for certain types of CMAs, including applications for approval of a change in ownership, control or business operations. Additional details on which documents should be included in an application are in the Application Content Guidance section of the Continuing Membership Guide.

Note that because each continuing membership request is unique, each CMA requires different supporting documentation specific to the facts and circumstances of that CMA.

The inclusion of particular types of business expansions in this section of the Guide is not intended to suggest that any particular proposed expansion into that business requires a CMA, nor does the fact that a particular type of expansion is not included in this section of the Guide suggest that an application is not required when a firm expands into that business.

List of Documents


Branch Office.docx

Retailing Corporate Equity Securities Over the Counter.docx

Discretionary Accounts.docx

Foreign Securities.docx

Government Securities.docx

Investment Advisory Services.docx


Mutual Fund Retailer - Variable Annuities.docx


Private Placements.docx

Market Making - Principal Trading.docx

Staffing - Associated Persons.docx

Self-Clearing Broker Dealer.docx

Alternative Trading Systems.docx

Ownership Change Application Items.docx