Election Notice - 4/11/08

Election Results for District Committees and District Nominating Committees

The purpose of this Election Notice is to announce the names of the newly elected District Committee and District Nominating Committee members. Each of the candidates nominated by the Regional Nominating Committees has been duly elected to terms beginning on June 1, 2008.1 The newly elected District Committee members will serve three-year terms,2 and the newly elected District Nominating Committee members will serve one-year terms. The names of the new committee members and the specific terms to which they were elected are listed in Attachment A.

The newly elected committee members were selected from a pool of 262 individuals who initially submitted their names to the various Regional Nominating Committees for consideration. We appreciate the substantial interest shown by all of the candidates participating in the District Elections, and thank everyone for their continuing support of the self regulatory process.

The FINRA District Committees serve an important role in the self regulation process by, among other things, alerting staff to industry trends that could be a potential regulatory concern; consulting with FINRA staff on proposed policies and rule changes brought to a District Committee for its views; serving on disciplinary panels in accordance with FINRA Rules; and promoting FINRA's mission and stated positions.

Questions concerning this Notice may be directed to Marcia E. Asquith, Senior Vice President and Corporate Secretary, FINRA at (202) 728-8949, or via email.

1 No additional candidates came forward to contest the election of the Regional Nominating Committee nominees. Pursuant to Section 8.19 of FINRA Regulation's By-Laws, in an uncontested election the candidates nominated by the Regional Nominating Committees shall be considered elected.

2 Some District Committee members were elected to fill existing vacancies and therefore may serve less than a three-year term, as indicated on Attachment A.