CRD - FAQ - General

What is the URL for Web CRD?

General site:
Representative site:
Suggestion: Bookmark the above URLs.

What is the Mailing Address for CRD?

The following address should be used to mail correspondence to CRD:

Registration and Disclosure Department
P.O. Box 9401
Gaithersburg, MD 20898-9401

What are Web CRD's hours of availability?

Web CRD is available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m., Eastern Time (ET), until 11 p.m., ET. It is also usually available to all entitled users three Saturdays of each month from 8 a.m., ET, until 6 p.m., ET. Please see WebCRD Schedule for the Availability Schedule for the entire year.

If I am having a problem in Web CRD and have to contact the Gateway Call Center, what information will I need to provide?

Call the Gateway/Call Center at (301) 869-6699. To help us resolve your inquiry as quickly as possible, please include the following information in your call or email:

  1. what function you were performing in Web CRD when the problem occurred;
  2. what time did the problem occur;
  3. the CRD# and/or BD#;
  4. the user's name;
  5. the error message received, if applicable.

How can I print a complete form filing?

Prior to Submission of the Filing:

At any time while you are capturing data in a filing, you may click on the "Print Preview" item. This functionality will allow you to select to print one page at a time, just DRPs or All Pages.

After Submission of the Filing

  1. Access the individual's or firm's record through Individual or Organization Search; scroll down to the bottom of the View Individual or View Organization Menu list and select "Filing History."
  2. Select the form type from the displayed information.
  3. This functionality will allow you to choose to print a page at a time, DRPs or All Pages.

What is meant by a "Queue?"

A Queue is an online electronic mailbox for notices that are generated as a result of the processing of filings, changes of registration, and disclosure updates.

What is the best way to search for a firm or a broker in Web CRD?

Tips on How to Perform a Name Search for a Broker or Broker-Dealer In Web CRD

  • General

    Web CRD uses industry-standard name search logic with an Oracle database. This logic will not produce a match (unless "sounds like" has been selected) if the name you specify contains characters that do not match the name in the database. When making a search, remember that sometimes less is more. If you do not know whether an individual's name is Steven or Stephen, search using the first initial.
  • Broker Name

    If you know the exact spelling of an individual's last name:
    For all filing types except U4, enter the full last name and as much of the first and middle names as possible. If you do not know the exact spelling of the first/middle name, enter the first initial only. Entering a misspelled first and/or middle name prevent a match, even if the last name is correct.

    For U4 filings, enter the full last name and at least the first two (2) letters of the first name.

    Please note, if the entire name is not spelled correctly, you will receive a message stating that, "No individuals were found matching the search criteria, or you are not entitled to view this individual's information."

    Even if you know the individual's last name, you may not get a match because the individual does not use their first name. In this case, you should enter the last name, and firm and/or state information to narrow the search, and then click on each search result to determine if the individual uses an alias or nickname.

    If you do not know the exact spelling of an individual's last name:
    Enter as much of the last name as possible, and click the button for "perform 'sounds like' search on Individual Last Name." Searches using "Sounds Like" will return names that sound like the name that was entered.

    If you receive a message that states, "Too many records returned, please narrow down your search criteria," you can either scroll down the long list of names or narrow your search.

    You can narrow a search under the "sounds like" feature by entering one or more of the individual's state (of residence), firm name or firm CRD #.

    Please note that if you do not enter enough letters in the last name, the name for which you are searching may not appear in the results list. For example, if you enter only "V" and "sounds like", not every name beginning with "V" will appear. You should enter as much of the last name as possible, even if not spelled correctly, and narrow your search as suggested above.
  • Firm Name

    If you know the exact name and spelling (including any punctuation) of a firm name:
    Enter the name and choose "Starts With," "Contains," or "Sounds Like" button.
    Depending on the button you choose, the search may result in one or more possible firms.

    If you do not know the exact name and spelling (including punctuation) of a firm name:
    It is recommended that you enter part of the name (e.g., Merrill, Salomon) and choose "Starts With" or "Contains" for optimum results.

    Please note, if you enter the full name and do not include the proper punctuation, the search may state "No Records Found." For example, if you enter 'AG Edwards' and choose "starts with" or "contains," you will receive the message "No Records Found." If you enter 'AG Edwards' and choose "Sounds Like," 'A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc.' will result.

    If you use these tips and are still having difficulties in searching for a broker or broker-dealer name, please call the State Desk (Regulators) or Gateway Call Center (broker-dealers).

How does a broker-dealer firm meet its FINRA and SEC books and records requirements in light of all-electronic forms?

Each firm must decide how best to meet FINRA, SEC, and any state books and records requirements in light of the electronic filing protocols introduced with Web CRD and, in particular, with the implementation of the new Form U4, which was designed to be used in an electronic filing environment. It is impractical for FINRA to approve books and records creation and retention methods on a firm-by-firm basis for FINRA record keeping purposes; moreover, firms' record keeping maintenance procedures must ultimately comply with the books and records requirements in Rules 17a-3 and 17a-4 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (Exchange Act). However, we are able to provide the following general guidance about best practices that firms may wish to consider in connection with meeting their obligations:

  • A firm is obligated to make and maintain paper records of Forms U4 submitted to FINRA via Web CRD, as well as any Amendments, with appropriate signatures by an authorized signatory of the firm and/or the registered representative as required by FINRA and SEC rules and requirements.
  • FINRA requires firms to retain a paper copy signed by the registered representative of the Initial Form U4 (including Dual and Relicensing Forms U4), as well as Amendments to Question 14 on Form U4 and any Disclosure Reporting Pages (DRPs).
  • Some firms choose to scan and store paper forms electronically, consistent with the requirements in Rule 17a-4(f) of the Exchange Act. Among other things, a firm choosing this storage method must be able to reproduce the forms exactly like the original, with manual signatures, and the firm must notify 
  • FINRA's Department of Member Regulation's Financial and Operational office, and the firm's District office of the proposed change in the firm's record keeping.
  • In addition, FINRA and SEC rules require firms to maintain records of any administrative amendments to the Form U4 with appropriate signature(s) as required under the rules. Firms may choose to alter the form but not the content of the Form for internal record keeping purposes. Additionally, they may choose to maintain only those Sections of the Form relevant to the administrative amendment being filed. The objective is to provide a clear audit trail of what was filed, with appropriate signature(s) on the relevant Section filed or on the appropriate signature block provided on the Form.

Does a U4 in hand qualify as permission from the potential employee (the firm) to look at the rep in a Pre-registration search? Or does the firm still need to have a written signature stating that the potential rep is allowing the firm to look at the rep's history on CRD?

A signed U4 by the rep at hand satisfies the firm's signature requirement in performing a Pre-registration. No other written authorization will be necessary. If the firm does not have a signed Form U4 by the individual that they are considering for employment, then a written and signed consent from the rep authorizing the firm to perform a Pre-registration will be required.

Will Web CRD maintain a CRD mailing address for my firm?

The Form BD form will update the firm's Main and Mailing Address. To update the CRD Contact Address, navigate to Organization, Non Filing Information and select Maintain Contact Information.

Why, in my organization's historical name record, is there an "Effective Date" that does not appear to be correct?

In Organization Non-Filing Information, under ORGANIZATION NAMES, an historical name record for your firm may contain an "EFFECTIVE DATE" that does not appear to be correct, for example, the date may read 11/10/58, years before the advent of Legacy CRD. This is due to the fact that FINRA converted to Web CRD all Organization Name historical records contained on the Legacy CRD System; however, the original Organization Name record used in the conversion did not have a corresponding Effective Date.

FINRA used the Date of Formation provided by the firm on the Form BD to populate the "Effective Date" field.