CRD FAQ - Technical & Navigational

How do I determine if I have the right version of the recommended Browser?

If your IE or Firefox Browser is not the recommended version, this may cause your computer screen to freeze.

  • First, view the Recommended Configurations by clicking on the Recommended Software/Hardware Menu Item in the left hand column on the CRD Main Screen.
  • Then, click on the Help file item on your browser, then on the item "About.." This will list the browser version.

What is the minimum recommended client configuration?

Web Browser: Internet Explorer (6.0 or greater) or Firefox (1.5 or greater)

Web Browser Specifics: JavaScript must be enabled; if it is not enabled some functionality may not be available or may not perform as designed

Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 (800x600 minimum)

When a firm prints a paper copy of the new Form U4, there is not enough room for the entire Residential and Employment History. What should the firm do?

The firm should print another copy of the employment and residential sections and attach these sections to the Form U4.

Why do some sections of the blank Form U4 in CRD print within the regular margins and some sections are cut off on the right side?

The following sections are cut off:

  1. General Information
  2. Registration Requests with Affiliated Firms
  3. Identifying Information/Name Change
  4. Other Names
  5. Residential History
  6. Employment History
  7. Other Business
  8. All DRPs

The firm should print the PDF version of the form, and select the "print" option from the File menu rather than using the Printer Friendly icon. Alternatively, the firm can print the form from CRD in "landscape" mode, however, the number of page numbers will increase from 32 to 38.

To print in Landscape mode:

  • Click on Blank Form on the Web CRD Site Map
  • Right mouse click on the "open" blank form
  • Select "Print"
  • Select the "Layout" tab
  • Click "Landscape"
  • Click the "Print" button

How can I easily operate the radio buttons on the Disclosure Questions Screen for Internet Explorer?

  • Click onto the "Disclosure Question" section
  • Tab to the first "yes - no" disclosure question
  • Press the right arrow to mark "no" or press the left arrow to mark "yes"
  • Once the question is marked, tab to the next question and use the arrow keys to select the appropriate answer.

ALL No's - If your page 3 is all no's, press Tab and the right arrow key all the way down the questions

How can I easily operate the radio buttons on the Disclosure Questions Screen for Netscape?

  • Click onto Page 3 "Disclosure Question" section
  • Select the first "yes-no" disclosure question using your mouse
  • Press the Tab key to move on to the next answer
  • To select a "yes" or "no" answer, press the Space Bar
  • Once the answer is selected, press the Tab key to move on to the next question.

ALL No's - If your page 3 is all no's, press the Tab key twice and the Space bar once through all disclosure questions.

What are the types of hyperlinks available in Web CRD?

Hyperlinks have two navigation functions in Web CRD: some hyperlinks navigate directly to the information. Other hyperlinks open a second session of the browser. After selecting the hyperlink the user has two options: close the second window of the browser by choosing "FILE-CLOSE" or select the first browser to see where you were. You can have more than one browser open at a time. However, this should only be done when using the hyperlink feature. If the hyperlink opens a new window close this window when you are done. If the second window is not closed, the next time you hyperlink, the details will appear in the second window but the window will not be maximized (viewable). To view the second window, choose the browser window not being used from your toolbar.