INSITE Frequently Asked Questions - Entitlement

What system does the firm use to send INSITE data?

The firm should use INSITE Firm Data Filing, also known as IFDF. IFDF is part of the family of Regulation Filing Applications which includes FOCUS, 3070 Customer Complaints, RegT, Shorts, Bluesheets etc.

What is the URL for Regulation Filing Applications?

The URL is:

What is a MPID and how do I obtain one?

MPID is the Market Participant Identifier used to report trades. This is a 4 character alpha code. The Clearing Firms will be reporting INSITE data by MPID. It is necessary to have an active MPID. In order to obtain a MPID, you should contact NASDAQ Subscriber Services at (212) 231-5180 opt #3.

How can I get access to the Regulation Filing Applications?

If your firm files FOCUS with FINRA, then your firm has a designated Regulation Filing Administrator who can add users. You should contact this individual within your firm. If your firm does not use any of the Regulation Filing Applications, then you will need to complete entitlement forms and assign a Regulation Filing Administrator.

How do I request the Entitlement Forms?

You should call (800) 321-7273 or send an e-mail.

If I have a data related question about INSITE, who do I contact?

You should send an e-mail .

Does my firm need to delegate and to whom?

If your firm is using a Service Provide to send INSITE data, then you should logon to INSITE Firm Data Filing and follow Firm Delegation process to delegate to the Service Provider. Please refer to the document - INSITE Firm Data Filing Certification Testing Requirements - for more details.

Does my firm need to fill out the Firm Contacts information?

All Clearing Firms and Service Providers need to complete the Firm Contact information prior to being certified for INSITE.