Form BD Checklist

First Part

Checkbox Does the Form BD, prepared for submission to FINRA, bear the Applicant’s original signature? (Mechanical reproductions of signatures are not acceptable.) Ensure that the date field reflects a complete date (month, day, and year).
Checkbox Has the Form BD been originally and properly notarized? (Make sure that the notary completes all items and affixes his or her original signature and stamp or seal. Mechanical reproductions of notarizations are not acceptable.)
Checkbox If the Applicant completed a mechanical reproduction of Form BD, is it on standard 8½" x 11” white paper? (Colored paper is not acceptable; reduced copies are not acceptable.)
Checkbox Is all information legible?
Checkbox Have the Applicant’s name and the date been entered at the top of each page?
Has the Applicant answered all of the appropriate items on the Form? (All questions must be answered except Item No. 4. This question must be completed by sole proprietors only.)
Checkbox Has the Applicant provided complete details and information on Schedule D if answering "YES" to Questions 1(C)(2), 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, or 13(B)?
Checkbox Has the Applicant provided complete details and information on the appropriate DRP if answering "YES" to Question 11?
Has the Applicant attached the appropriate Schedule A and/or B, fully completed all appropriate items, and attached additional copies of the schedule as needed to report complete information? Has the Applicant provided the CRD Numbers of all persons named on the schedule? (If the individual does not have a CRD Number, the Applicant should call the FINRA Call Center at (301) 590-6500 to have one assigned.)
Checkbox Has the Applicant attached completed Sections 1 and 9–13 of Form U4 for each person named in Schedule A and/or B that is not required to be registered as a principal or representative? (Complete Form U4 applications must be submitted for persons that are required to be registered.)

Second Part

Registration and Disclosure will notify a member Applicant when the member application is received, and will contact the firm regarding any questions. Once the Form BD is entered on Web CRD and the member Applicant is entitled to Web CRD, the firm should carefully review all notices sent via Web CRD Notice Queues or otherwise. If a member Applicant has questions regarding notices received, the firm should contact an Application Specialist in the Organization Processing Unit of Registration & Disclosure for clarification and assistance.

Note: The Form BD is available on the SEC website.