Launch of FINRA's first advertising campaign to help educate investors

An Important Message from Mary Schapiro, NASD Chairman and CEO


Today, FINRA announced the launch of its first national advertising campaign to help educate investors.

The ad campaign is aimed directly at baby boomers—and uses television, radio, print and online advertisements to drive this audience to the many financial tools and educational resources available at With a record number of Americans retiring over the next quarter century, we believe it is crucial to reach them now, as they approach retirement.

Research commissioned by FINRA shows that baby boomers, in particular, feel anxious about their lack of investing knowledge and are eager to better understand their investment options. The overall goal of the campaign is to ease that anxiety—and raise FINRA's profile among baby boomers as a trustworthy source of comprehensive and unbiased information on saving and investing.

Raising awareness of FINRA's efforts also serves the dual purpose of boosting investor trust in the integrity of the markets and the securities industry. As the principal non-governmental regulator of securities firms in the United States—and as stewards of this country's largest investor education foundation—we have a special obligation to provide the public with the education and tools they need to become successful investors.

Combined with FINRA's other recent initiatives focused on baby boomers—including regulatory actions, sweeps and guidance for firms—the launch of this advertising campaign serves to underscore not just our commitment to protecting and informing senior investors, but the industry's, as well.

You can learn more about the campaign—and see the ads—by visiting And in support of our mutual goal of a more informed investing public, please know that we continue to make FINRA's investor education resources and tools available to member firms at no cost. For more information, please contact our Office of Investor Education.