March Board of Governors Meeting: Rulemaking Items for Consideration

Posted: March 1, 2017

FINRA's Board of Governors will meet on March 8 in New York and will consider the following rulemaking items. After the meeting, FINRA will notify firms via email about the Board's actions and anticipated next steps, if any.

Corporate Financing

The Board will consider proposals to streamline and modernize FINRA Rule 5110 (Corporate Financing Rule—Underwriting Terms and Arrangements), including substantive, organizational and terminology changes.

Government Securities

As requested by the SEC, the Board will consider the publication of Regulatory Notices to solicit comment on initiatives resulting from FINRA's review of rules applicable to exempted securities, including government securities.  

Late Cancellation of Prehearing Conferences in Arbitration

The Board will consider proposed amendments to FINRA arbitration rules to create a fee for late cancellation of prehearing conferences and to establish a related honorarium to pay arbitrators for each late cancellation of a prehearing conference.

TRACE Data Products

The Board will consider proposed amendments to FINRA Rule 7730 (Trade Reporting and Compliance Engine) to provide for: (1) a Security Activity Report for TRACE-eligible securities that are corporate or agency bonds; and (2) an End-of-Day Transaction File for TRACE-eligible securities.