Notice to Members 04-69

Mandatory Use of Combined New Order/Route and Combined New Order/Execution Reports Delayed until April 4, 2005; Clarification of Combined Reporting Format Requirements for Related Order Information Submitted by Multiple Order Sending Organizations

In Notice to Members (NtM) 04-46 (June 2004), NASD announced that, beginning December 1, 2004, members would be required to use the Combined New Order/Route and Combined New Order/ Execution Reports (Combined Reports) for all orders that are fully routed or executed on the same business day they are received. Based on feedback from firms, NASD is delaying the effective date of this requirement until April 4, 2005, to allow firms additional time to make necessary program and code changes. This delay applies only to the use of the Combined Reports and does not affect any of the other reporting changes and related implementation dates outlined in NtM 04-46.

In addition, NASD is clarifying that the Combined Reports format will not be mandatory in the limited circumstance where a firm uses multiple Order Sending Organizations (OSOs) to report order events relating to the same order (e.g., OSO A submits a New Order Report and OSO B submits a Route Report).

Questions concerning this Notice may be directed to:

  • OATS Helpdesk: (800) 321-NASD
  • NASD Market Regulation: (240) 386-5126