Regulatory Notice 09-65

FINRA Delays the Effective Date for Increased Margin Requirements for Options on Leveraged ETFs and Day-Trading Requirements for Leveraged ETFs

New Effective Date: April 30, 2010

In August 2009, FINRA issued Regulatory Notice 09-53 (Non-Traditional ETFs), announcing increased customer margin requirements for leveraged ETFs and uncovered options overlying leveraged ETFs effective December 1, 2009. To accommodate ongoing changes in options symbology and other systems-related concerns, FINRA is deferring the effective date for increased customer margin for uncovered options overlying leveraged ETFs, as well as the application of day-trading margin requirements for leveraged ETFs to April 30, 2010. Firms should be aware, however, that the increased maintenance margin for leveraged ETFs will take effect as originally scheduled on December 1, 2009.