OATS Report - February 12, 2002

February 12, 2002

The NASD Market Regulation staff urges firms transmitting order data to OATS via e-mail consider the option of downloading rejected data and resubmitting the file(s) via email. The NASD has established a new feature accessible via the OATS web site that will make the retrieval and resubmission of large volumes of rejected data easier and less time-consuming. On the OATS web site, located at www.nasdr.com/3310.asp, there is now a link on the OATS Reporting and Feedback page labeled Download All ROE Rejections. By clicking on this new link rejections will be available for download in increments of up to 10,000 ROEs per file. This should become the preferred method of reviewing and resubmitting rejections for Order Sending Organizations (OSOs) with over 100 Reportable Order Event (ROE) rejections.

In using this process, firms simply need to download their reject files via the OATS web site, make the necessary corrections to the rejections, package the rejections into a new FORE file, reset the Rejected ROE Resubmit Flag to the alpha-value of (Y) and transmit the file to OATS via e-mail.

Please note that OATS generates one rejection report for all FOREs sent by an OSO on a single OATS Reporting Day. If the ROE rejections exceed the file size limit, then OATS will create as many continuation files as necessary. ROE rejection text files are formatted according to the description in Appendix C, "Order Report Formats," which can be found in the OATS Technical Specifications.

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