OATS Report - November 2, 1999

November 2, 1999

Submitting ROEs via the OATS Web interface is a two-step process of creating, repairing, or correcting the ROE, and then sending it to OATS. Some Order Sending Organizations have been neglecting the second step of actually sending the order data to OATS. Use the following procedure to send order data to OATS after you create or repair them via the OATS Web interface:

  1. Click the Send ROEs link. All ROEs that you have created, repaired, and corrected but have not yet sent to OATS appear in the Send ROEs window.
  2. Click Send ROEs Now.

If this procedure is not followed, not only may the data be rejected for context reasons, but after 30 days, the order data in the Send ROEs window will be deleted.

Although a second step of sending ROEs to OATS is not required for e-mail, FTP, and/or CONNECT:Direct, organizations that primarily send data via these transit mechanisms should periodically check the Send ROEs window on the OATS Web interface to ensure that all ROEs that may have been created there are submitted in a timely manner.

Refer to the Subscriber Manual for more information on working with order data and sending it to OATS.