OATS Report - November 26, 2001

November 26, 2001

When an Reportable Order Event (ROE) has been rejected, repaired, and is resubmitted, it is imperative that reporting members populate the Rejected ROE Resubmit Flag field with a value of "Y". The Rejected ROE Resubmit Flag of "Y" indicates that the ROE being submitted to OATS was previously rejected from or submitted to OATS. This particular value must be included in each rejected ROE being resubmitted after repair. Firms resubmitting via the OATS Web Interface will have the ROE Resubmit Flag field automatically populated with a "Y". Firms resubmitting via FTP, Connect:Direct, or e-mail must populate the field manually. Please note that there is no value within the file header that serves the same function when resubmitting an entire file; therefore, each resubmitted record in a file must be populated with the Resubmit Flag of "Y". If a firm resubmits repaired rejections without the ROE Resubmit Flag of "Y", the reporting member's data will be accepted by OATS; however, the data will be marked as late thus subjecting the firm to a potential OATS review for the late submission of data.

Questions or concerns regarding the Rejected ROE Resubmit Flag or on OATS in general, may be directed to the NASD Gateway Business Applications Support Help Desk at (800) 321-NASD.