OATS Report - November 26, 2001

November 26, 2001

Periodically, important messages need to be broadcast to the OATS user community. The quickest medium is the OATS Announcements Page on the OATS Web Interface. The information posted to the OATS Announcement Page is usually urgent and may affect what you can process or see on the Web Site. It is very important that you monitor the OATS Announcements on a daily basis to see the status of OATS. OATS Announcements may include information on: outages, processing delays, reminders of upcoming events, and notices of new publications.

The outages and delays announcements notify the membership of current system availability. This will include when OATS systems are down, or delayed and when they are again running normally. The Announcements will provide advice during delays on the status notifications and on rejections or other statistics.

The reminder announcements notify the membership of important upcoming events such as enhancements or changes to the CT and PD environments. The reminders also inform of changes in published documents such as the OATS Technical Specifications so that your files and systems remain compliant with OATS rules.

Please take the time to read the OATS Announcements frequently, as they are the fastest way for the NASD to communicate with you. If you have any question about the OATS Announcements or on any facet of OATS, please contact the NASD Gateway Business Applications Support Help Desk at (800) 321-NASD.