OATS Web Interface Manual Changes

FINRA released a new edition of the OATS Web Interface User Guide dated March 15, 2010. The changes described in this edition of the OATS Web Interface User Guide will be available in the OATS Production environment on April 26, 2010 and in the OATS Certificate Test environment on April 12, 2010. The following is an overview of enhancements to the OATS Web Interface:

ROE Repair page

  • The Automatic Repair process for orders rejecting for "Order Does Not Exist in OATS" has been updated. OATS will automatically repair secondary events that rejected within 5 business days of the rejection date of the repaired New or Cancel/Replace report.
  • When viewing Related Events, OATS will present all related events within the most recent 90 calendar days.
  • Users are able to download rejections presented in a filtered result. This change provides users with the ability to download unrepaired rejections.
  • Users are able to select multiple MPIDs when searching rejections.

FORE Status page

  • Users are able to export FORE Status information.
  • The OATS ROE Count has replaced the Firm ROE Count in the summary table.

Submit Events page

  • Users are able to download and/or submit Pending Events for a filtered result. For example, a user can filter Pending Events by a specific MPID, then download and submit those events.
  • The Shares Quantity will be displayed in the pending events table.

User Preferences page

  • Users are able to specify the number of items (records) presented on a page. Choices are 25, 50 or 100 items per page.